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Eva will be featured on one of the four covers of Vs. Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2013 issue, which will be on sale in the US in September. Eva’s cover was shot in Musée des Arts Forains in black and white. You can view a preview of the cover below. Thanks to Kev for the heads up!

21 Responses to “Eva Covers Vs. Magazine”
  1. AusRotten Says:

    Wow I gotta admit if I was glancin over a mag stand , I wouldntve immediatly recognized eva!! But those eyes are unmistakable, cant wait to see the rest of this shoot !!I hope not all the photos are b&w cuz that place seems very colorful and unreal .

  2. George Says:

    @ausrotten Me too. In Sin City 2 I guess (hope) Rodriguez will keep this unique blue color of her eyes filming the rest of her in b&w.

  3. Ferris Says:

    Damn, why is it always the french women who keep turning me gay!! Even stranger is she is and isn’t a stereotypical french woman!

  4. BigMan3000 Says:

    I have found a new trailer!

    ht tp://

  5. micheska Says:

    the video has been removed from youtube already, so you can watch it here

    ht tp://

    and thank you so much, bigman3000! 😀 There is much more Eva in the trailer, I can´t wait to see her in the the movie, or, at least, in another trailer 🙂

  6. George Says:

    thanks bigman3000 and micheska for the new trailer

  7. George Says:

    I realized that it’s 10 years since Eva’s debut in Venice with The Dreamers (September 2003)
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    B. Bertolucci is these days president of the jury comittee in Venice Festival. Coincidence? 🙂

  8. AusRotten Says:

    10 years.!!!..cant believe ive been inlove with her this long haha

  9. Carmen Says:

    it doesn’t matter if “you’re in love” with her, it’s scary when someone is really obssesed with an actor/actress hahaha

  10. AusRotten Says:

    who said anything bout “being obssessed”? when i say im inlove with her i meant it in a way that i love her movies and the way she carries herself.lighten up will yah hahaha,

  11. Carmen Says:

    I know 🙂 but I’ve meet people who says that is in love with some celebrity and actually are obssesed and that’s spooky! I mean, that kind of people everytime is talking about that celebrity and things like that…I didn’t mean to say that you’re obssesed! 🙂 haha

  12. Nausicaa Says:

    BTW, are there any more photos or outtakes of Eva from this shoot?

  13. Sid Says:

    Apparently, there is a new interview in Vs magazine by Eva….has anyone seen it ? or can find link to it ?

  14. Ashley Says:

    I have it, but I don’t have a working scanner.

    Here’s a recap of the interview:
    *Eva mentions how she feels like a child when she’s with her parents in Paris, but in London she’s “wild, free, and crazy.”

    *Eva mentions a recent incident where a man stole her purse in Paris, so she chased after him to get it back and he punched her. She didn’t get her purse back.

    *Eva says she becomes invisible on her birthday. Instead of a big celebration Eva says she prefers to smoke and get drunk with her best friend.

    *Eva says the nudity in Sin City 2 has been drastically toned down, so she won’t be naked as often as her character Ava Lord is in the graphic novel.

    *Eva says she is now closer to her sister Joy because she loves her nephew. She says she’s trying to be an “awesome” aunt.

    *Eva says she thinks about having children, but that she’s not trying to have a baby. She says if she’s with a man and gets pregnant she’ll be happy, she doesn’t want to plan ahead.

    Those were the most interesting bits. There are also a lot of beautiful pictures. I bought my copy in Manhattan, but I’m sure it’s sold nationwide.

  15. BigMan3000 Says:

    @ashley Ouelle???

  16. Sid Says:

    @ Ashley thanks a lot for the quick response !
    Alas, i am not in UK. I doubt it will be available in my country.
    That purse robbery is almost funny until i came to the punch part.

  17. Ashley Says:

    If anybody is interested, I have second copy and I’ll probably put it on eBay this week. I don’t need two copies and hopefully someone outside New York City will be able to read it.

    Sid, you’re welcome for the recap! 🙂 She also talks about all of her upcoming roles which was pretty neat.

  18. AusRotten Says:

    Thanks for the recap, wish i could see the rest of the photos!, im gonna look for this issue, i bet shes one cool aunt, sad she got robbed and to ad insult to injury punched,!!!! :O

  19. Sid Says:

    Brain fade—Manhattan is in new York yes, not UK ! I am from India actually.
    Actually it was my interest in her role as Ava lord which drew me to this magazine. Shame the movies will be released next year.

  20. spot Says:

    Thank you for recap ashley (hopefully you’d still be able to scan it 😀 )! I gasped at the robbery part. Glad to know she’s okay now :O

  21. spot Says:

    Pics from this Ellen von Unwerth photoshoot:

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