Stef   /   September 28, 2013   /   19 Comments
19 Responses to “Vs. Magazine Photoshoot (2013)”
  1. spot Says:

    Thank you for this Stef and Mariana! I’m not a huge fan of the hyper-tumblr photography that Ellen von Unwerth used in this particular photoshoot but I love her and Eva’s collaborations.

  2. AusRotten Says:

    many thanks for posting this, I couldn’t find the magazine anywhere I went and I really wanted to see the rest of this shoot,she’s absolutely mesmerizing <3

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    I have to be honest: I’m still not too sure about Eva’s bangs… cool shoot, though.

  4. Antigonus Says:

    I just walked past Timothy Dalton in Dublin looking around our fair city with an expression of bewilderment and faint distaste!

  5. izit Says:

    Annie sleeps outside in the backyard since its warm. I go out front periodically to stand under the street lamp. sometimes all night.

  6. spot Says:

    @evaanne I’m with you. Like I don’t mind it but I would prefer that she doesn’t have them. I feel like it washes her out in a way…

    @antigonus Wow that’s so cool! I guess he would be in the pilot episode.

  7. George Says:

    Off topic: Robert Rodriguez says for Sin City 2:
    “(regarding the first movie) It’s bigger, it’s better, the cast is incredible, the characters are some of the favorites returning and new ones as well. And it’s been shot in 3-D. So visually, it will top the first one. ”
    source: h ttp://

  8. spot Says:

    Thanks for the info George! So basically we’ll be able to see Eva in 3D/IMAX back to back? Cool.

  9. AusRotten Says:

    Im not too stoked bout the 3D ,cuz Im one of the few ppl that doesnt like 3D,I get headaches..but i’ll brace myself for both movies with plenty excedrin!! -_-

  10. Sebastian Says:

    a clip from the shooting for VS Magazine.

  11. Sebastian Says:

    h ttp://

    a clip from the shooting for VS Magazine.

  12. Ms Live Girl Says:

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  13. Sebastian Says:

    h ttp://
    h ttp://
    h ttp://
    h ttp://
    h ttp://

    5 other pics from the VS Magazine shoot.

  14. AusRotten Says:

    Thanks sebastian those are great!!!

  15. Leguana Says:

    I heard that Robert Rodriguez is VERY excited about Eva’s performance as Ava Lord so it’ll be great <3. And as for this photoshoot she looks stunning

  16. Kev Says:

    In Empire magazine, Eva appears in 50 sexiest male and female
    film stars.
    She ranks fourteenth!!
    But for me she’s the first!!

  17. Sebastian Says:

    I could order the VS Magazine over Ebay and when I have this I send a copy of the Interview to the side. Except somebody is faster.
    It gives only one yet.

  18. George Says:

    Thanks Sebastian for the vimeo and the pictures

  19. c.s.s.c. Says:

    I love georges brassens. ‘(‘)