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“Nudity is just another costume. Perverts might think otherwise.” – Eva Green

Let us rephrase it… “Banana is just another fruit. Perverts might think otherwise.” – Eva Green Web Staff

If that’s not enough, let us quote Freud: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” And the same goes for a banana.

Eva’s just having a snack. These photos were taken on-set. We don’t post paparazzi pics of her walking down the street. She clearly knew that she was surrounded by dozens of people and that she ran the risk of being photographed. We’re more interested in the period costumes and the locations. Plus, at least she’s eating and not starving herself. Would you feel the same way if that was a sandwich instead of a banana?

PS: These photos have hit the web long before we posted them. We got them thanks to Sebastian who, we’re sure of it, meant no harm, only saw them for what they are, and would never think of disrespecting Miss Green. He’s a regular contributor.

14 Responses to “In the words of Miss Eva Green…”
  1. Ashley Says:

    I can’t believe the banana photos even have to be defended! There is nothing intrinsically sexual about eating a banana. People are creating sexuality where it doesn’t belong.

    The fact of the matter is this: When an actor like Eva is working 12-16 hour days on a television show (which is much more demanding than filming a motion picture) you don’t have time to eat regular meals or be picky about when/where you eat. Eva is eating a quick snack before getting back to filming. Someone photographed her. End of story. This photo is no different than any other set photo other than that Eva seems to have been upstaged by a banana! 🙂

  2. AusRotten Says:

    All the pervs should go eat a banana as im.surw you are all low on patassium.:D

  3. Astrea Says:

    Totally agree, Stef 😀

  4. Nadine Says:

    I never got the appeal of Eva Green. NO talent at all and that massive eye make-up makes her look like a panda. I´ve watched this horrible Camelot show on TV and her acting made me switch the channel every time. Oh and her smile looks like Julia Roberts and that woman isn´t even near the definiton of beauty.

    Oh well, this is a fansite and my comment gets deleted anyway, although I am entitled to voice my opinion!

  5. Ashley Says:

    So you can’t stand to watch a single scene of Camelot with Eva Green, yet you took the time to look her up on the internet and share your dissatisfaction with a group of strangers? Don’t you value your own time more than that? You don’t have to like Eva Green (I can almost guarantee she’ll never see your comment anyway), but don’t you at least like yourself enough to not waste your own time?

  6. Isabell Says:

    Some people seem to be using their time to troll around the internet. While I think that “Camelot” wasn´t one of Eva´s best projects, you can´t blame her alone on the shows failure! Eva has done the best she could do with the material she got and I am sorry for saying this, but the writing in this show was very bad…but like I said, Eva had nothing to do with it! One of Eva´s best performances have been in “Kingdom Of Heaven” and “Perfect Sense”..truly amazing!

    On the eye make-up thing: Saying that Eva looks like a panda is totally stupid! She can wear and do WHATEVER SHE WANTS! While I do think that she is much more beautiful without it, like in “The Dreamers”, it is her choice! I also think that this look makes her more mysterious, which I think is very fascinating!

    My favorite female actors are: Eva Green and Ellen Page.
    My favorite male actors are: Clive Owen, Leonardo DiCaprio and Joe Gordon-Levitt.

  7. Stef Says:

    RespectEva: I think you should probably find another Eva resource to visit. Clearly our site is not the best fit for you.

    Nadine: I have to agree with Ashley on this. It took you more time to seek out this site and post a negative comment on it than it did for you to think the thoughts.

    Thank you to the rest of you for visiting and for your continued support, even in the face of the ridiculousness of the banana backlash.

  8. AusRotten Says:

    By all means voice your opinion but why must you doit in such a rude immature matter?I really dont care for mean, negative comments, this is clearly someone very sad lookin for attention trollin around, you can dislike eva all you want , that doesnt change the fact that she’s incredibly talented and beautiful . 🙂

  9. BigMan3000 Says:

    What is going on here at once?

  10. Sid Says:

    Frankly, i think her best performance was in “womb”. It is just that such movies are less well known then the Bond movie or camelot.

  11. spot Says:

    Jeez. One of the rare times I take a vacation and I come back with such ridiculousness as Bananagate.

    For people who dislike her or don’t think she’s a good actress, you are entitled to your opinion (and I respect that) but trolling around the internet, much more visiting a fansite dedicated to her, just to make your point IS NOT ACHIEVING ANYTHING. Why waste your time typing your dislike or hatred when you could be spending your much valued time to something more worthwhile?

    As for Bananagate, why is this an issue in the first place? Why is her eating a fruit as a snack which is known to give energy (which she needs for the long hours on set) such a big deal? Have you all not seen tennis players or athletes in general eat a banana in the middle of a match? Don’t you people eat a banana? Sadly, perverts and trolls alike are regular occurrences when it comes to anything Eva. Disappointingly, it’s a cross to bear for any decent Eva fan. But any decent Eva fan will ignore these people so that’s what we should do, guys. Let’s ignore them.

    PS: @Mariana and Stef: Hope this latest non-issue isn’t letting your spirits down. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  12. np001 Says:

    I completely agree with spot. Mariana and Stef, you are doing great work. Please keep up the fantastic job that you are doing in running this beautiful website.

  13. Isabell Says:

    @Sid: Oh yeah, you´re right! I forgot about “Womb”. Eva was really really good in that movie, although, I found the overall story a bit weird…but the acting was amazing and very touching. I think that Eva really displays her talent in small indie movies. Those movies are the ones that are the most watchable in terms of storyline, but indie films sadly never get the recognition they deserve… The movie “The East” is another good example of great story-telling, that strieves away from the typical big budget movies… Not to mention that “The East” talks about very relevent political issues, that shouldn´t be ignored by the public. The movie also stars my other most favourite actress, the young and tiny Canadian Ellen Page. Ellen and Eva are my absolute faves in the movie biz. Both are very beautiful and unique! I wish those two would do a movie together. Ellen, for her young age, has phenominal talent. “Hard Candy” or “The Tracey Fragments” really showcase her amazing talent. Like I said, Eva Green and Ellen Page in a movie together would be a dream come true!

    I hope it happens one day!

  14. Sid Says:

    @Isabell I too think Eva’s best performance comes in such Indie type movies….i am mostly looking forward to “white bird in a blizzard”. While the famous or mainstream movies offer good roles…they often have some negative aspect which ruins from enjoying the movie fully, foe e.g the sequel to 300. I will be watching it mainly for Eva but the history distortion and propaganda is annoying.
    I like Ellen page…but apart from Eva green, i like this actress also- Emily browning. Maybe there is an “E” factor at work ha ha.