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Penny Dreadful (2014– , TV series) > On The Set (The Harbour Bar, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland) – October 23, 2013

23 Responses to “Eva on the set of “Penny Dreadful” at The Harbour Bar”
  1. Luciana Says:

    No banana? I’m disappointed. 🙁

    Thanks for the pics, girls. You’re doing great here, as always.

  2. Stef Says:

    Oh, Lu! No shameful bananas this time, but you never know what future photos may hold. Perhaps a sinful peach might make an appearance next time. Hahahaha.

  3. AusRotten Says:

    I gotta be honest , i get a lil sad when I see eva smokin :(, shes got such a beautiful voice and in the future i would hate to see it change cuz of this habbit, not to mention all the other bad consequences that come from smokin, but thats her choice.
    Also I wonder if her bangs were clip ons? I dont think she couldda grow them out this fast? Hahah

  4. spot Says:

    One word: GLAM

    @ausrotten I think they’re too long now to be able to be clipped or put behind her ear. It’s been 3 months since SDCC.

    Thank you for the new update M & Stef!

  5. Antigonus Says:

    Awww. Evagreenweb has its very own troll! How sweet!

  6. Ashley Says:

    RespectEva, if you had any respect for Eva whatsoever, you wouldn’t be instigating trouble or intentionally trying to provoke Eva’s other fans. If you respect Eva so much, then respect her enough to keep this website a drama free zone. The turmoil you’re trying to create with your “pervert” comments could drive away new fans looking for a place to learn about/discuss Eva and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be responsible for something like that.

  7. np001 Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Stef and Mariana. Please ignore the trolls. You guys are doing an amazing job and no one should say how you should run your website and that includes publishing photos of Eva eating a snack. I am pretty sure Eva herself wouldn’t mind any of the photos you guys have published.

    Thanks again for the hard work you put on to this site.

  8. Sebastian Says:

    To all fans of Eva Green, Mariana, and Stef,

    My name is Sebastian and I have send the links for the „banana pics“ because this pics a normal today. When you look in the Internet there a so many Movie sides than you can think you can accompany the Movie. You can see on Facebook or Twitter all news about Penny Dreadful. During the filming of Dark Shadows gave it a block side, this side chased the filming from start to end with pics, clips and article. A lot of them are official and this is all deliberately.
    I am from the media business and I know how it works there.

    I’m a screenwriter and this is not a joke, I hope that I can make a film with Eva in the futher but I stand at the bottem of the ladder. But I give not up. I hope that I can celebrate successes in the futher.
    I am serious I have that not necessary to talk trash. I make my qualification by the Skript Akademie Berlin in 2012.
    I value the work of you all, Mariana, Stef and Eva. She’s a verry interesting actor.

    This is a fanpage for all fans of Eva Green and the operators of this fanpage work very hard for this. They spent so many time for this page so please when you are not a fan than leave this fanpage. Tell your opinion on other pages in the big world wide web on anti Eva pages or other but not of this page.
    This is disrespectful.

    I will say thank you to Stef for your statement about me. I found it appropriate to report me then after the „banana pics“ came a lot of disturbance in this fanpage. So I will send not anymore links direct to page over the comment. But I will support this fanpage on.

    Kind Regards


  9. sam Says:

    nice pictures. what else. oh yeah, I like Eva’s dress. I mean skirt.

  10. Messi Says:

    I want to know that eva is not leading actress but supporting actress in sincity2 ?

  11. Ashley Says:

    Messi, Eva’s role in Sin City 2 is very large. Like the last Sin City, there are multiple story lines, but Eva is the leading actress in her story and will have a lot of screen time. If you’re interested in all the details about her character, you should look for the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For graphic novel. Robert Rodriguez sticks to closely to the book, so everything you read will hit the screen for the film version. The only difference will be that the nudity has been slightly toned down for the film.

  12. np001 Says:

    h ttp:// Around 1:10 mark, Eva speaking French :),

    @Messi, I hope your first name isn’t Lionel!

  13. Messi Says:

    Haha my name is not messi
    Messi is false name (not lionel messi ! )
    And ashley thank you 🙂

  14. Evergreen Says:

    Eva is ageless 🙂

  15. Sid Says:

    Congratulations Ashley on the kid by the way

  16. spot Says:

    Thank you sebastian for your post. You don’t really have to explain yourself as I’m sure Stef and Mariana knew you mean well when you linked those photos here. I’m sorry that those pictures has been twisted to be something else and has been blown out of proportion. It doesn’t have to be but it did and I guess it’s really just one of those things on the internet that you can’t do anything about (for example: fansite trolls) but I hope this incident doesn’t discourage you or our other sweet and thoughtful contributors in continuing to share or contribute anything Eva related. They are all well-appreciated by everyone here 🙂

    I am not one for censorship but if it meant disrespectful and unnecessary comments (by trolls) will be screened, I am all for it. ashley is right. These trolls could: 1) Give the wrong impression about EGW. This site is up to date, well-maintained and best of all, respectful (and recognized! 😀 ) of Eva and it’s such a bummer and totally disrespectful of the hard work Mariana and Stef and all contributors has put here. 2) Give the new visitors and fans the wrong impression of Eva, this site and her fans in general. 3) Literally just dampen the spirits of the visitors, Eva’s fans and frequent site visitors like me. It’s quite upsetting to see such disrespectful and unnecessary comments, to be honest. I hope Mariana and Stef will explore this idea before these trolls could grow some roots and bring or wreck more havoc around here, among the fans and to Eva herself.

    Thank you for that link np001! I really like hearing her speak in her mother tongue as I’m already used to hearing her speak in an English accent 😆

    Congratulations on your baby again ashley!

  17. Antigonus Says:

    @ausrotten. What you don’t realize is that Ms. Green’s smoking habit is a painful but necessary sacrifice to give her voice its current slightly husky throaty tones. If she stopped smoking she’d sound like a French Miley Cyrus! (Just kidding 😉 )

  18. AusRotten Says:

    Lol god forbid, Seriously though Look at kathleen turner,she had that husky sexy voice and ppl even compared her to lauren baccal and now she sounds like a man 😀

  19. .Rooz Says:

    Yay even more picture. Thank you for posting^^ I hope I am going to see Penny Dreadful but I’m afraid they won’t air it on tv here ):

  20. BigMan3000 Says:

    Sin City 2 News:

    h ttp://

  21. Nausicaa Says:

    Re: Sin City news. Frankly, I think all those websites are jumping the gun big time. And I’m hoping they’re wrong. A Dame to Die for doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily and it A Dame to Kill For. Also a dame you’d kill for is not necessarily anything like a dame you’d “die for.” It’s the first one who is most clearly a femme fatale. Unless they’re shifting the focus off Ava (no!) it wouldn’t seem to fit. I’m hoping the new poster is fan-made or a random promo pic (maybe they’re are others of a similar vein – “a dame to cry for,” “a dame to lie for.” But yeah, that story, BIG GRAIN OF SALT.

  22. np001 Says:

    @ spot. Off course its beautiful to listen Eva in French. Few more I believe you must have already seen.

    h ttp://

    Eva and her Mum.

    h ttp://

  23. spot Says:

    @np001 Yes I have of course but thank you 🙂