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These are admittedly small bits, but offer cool new looks at the Athenians and the Persians who will fight it till the death much like the Spartans and the Persians in the first film. These videos are a few seconds long each and appear as “intros” to the various sections on the official website. I have embedded them all below for your express enjoyment so that you don’t have to navigate from section to section on the official site. They contain no sound.

The action here looks grittier than the highly stylized one presented in 300. It looks more rain soaked, blood drenched and mud splattered and there seem to be more soldiers fighting on either side in bigger battle fields (and on ships of course). It also looks like Sullivan Stapleton, in a departure from his predecessor Gerard Butler, will use the bow and arrow too to slaughter the Persians rather than just a sword and spear. Bring on the action!


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    New Poster And Trailer For ’300 Rise Of An Empire’ Eva Green Battles Sullivan Stapleton

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  3. BigMan3000 Says:

    300: Rise of an Empire’ Trailer #2: Eva Green’s Armada vs. Lena Headey’s Army

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    White Bird in a Blizzard will premiere at Sundance (multiple outlets reporting it, but: h ttp:// These next few months ought to be fun for Eva Green fans. I’d love to discuss that latest 300 trailer too, but I’ve been waiting for it to get its own post.

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    White bird in a blizzard premiere in Sundance!!! 😀

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    First scene from White Bird in a Blizzard! h ttps://

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    White Bird In a Blizzard Official Teaser Trailer

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    New trailer for white bird….
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    Penny Dreadful Production Blog #1

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