Stef   /   December 18, 2013   /   10 Comments

Thanks to everyone who sent in links to the new video. We’ve also added a new still to the gallery and will be adding screencaps of the teaser very soon as well.

10 Responses to ““Penny Dreadful” Teaser: We All Have Our Demons”
  1. AusRotten Says:

    Shes so.boss….Im lookin forward to this !!

  2. dandy candy Says:

    she is the real shit, I mean, I can’t wait for this! she fits perfectly in this kind of roles, she is so awesome that it hurts

  3. spot Says:

    Bow, bow and BOW. Eva looks really possessed. I really cannot. So pumped to see this!!!

  4. sam Says:

    looks interesting.

  5. sam Says:

    is there a reason 1. that my posts aren’t posted and 2. that the formatting has changed in the gallery? is there also a way to contact webmaster in order to find out how to correct formatting to view the gallery better.

  6. spot Says:

    @dandy candy You took the words out of my mouth! Such an icon, legend in the making, etc.

  7. Stef Says:

    Sam: All comments are being held for moderation before being approved and posted at the moment due to some issues we were having with some visitors a while back. The gallery format hasn’t changed other than the bottom bar required by our host. What sort of issue(s) are you having when viewing the gallery?

  8. sam Says:

    hi stef,
    the problem is in the photogallery on most pages. when I advance from one photo to another, the section of the page containing both the photo and the advance arrow are on the far right side of the page and I have to scroll to the right in order to view the photo and then to advance to the next page.

    also, the size of the banner with eva and the lilies is smaller than the bottom section of the page. this wasn’t a problem until about a month ago, and I’ve made no changes on my computer. thanks for your help.

  9. sam Says:

    I misspoke, both the photo and the advance arrow are off the right side of the screen, so I have to scroll each page to view photo and advance. also the slideshow function works on some galleries and not on others.

    thanks again. and of course thanks for no longer holding my comments for moderation.

  10. Stef Says:

    Sam: Thanks for letting me know about the issues you are having. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to fix that yet. For some reason our gallery script stopped creating intermediate images and rather than continuing to batch add in the photos like it’s supposed to, it just gives us an error when the intermediate photo option is enabled so we had to disable it for the time being. In doing that, now when you click on the thumbnail it takes you directly to the full size image and throws things out of alignment. We have tried repeatedly to fix this issue, but so far nothing has worked. I’m hoping we’ll find a fix soon or there will be a fix in the next script update, though I’m not sure when that might be.