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Green’s Artemisia is an instant icon: hard as nails, brilliant brain, sexy as hell, and bloody bonkers. When she’s not scheming, she’s fighting — and her sword-in-each-hand technique is enough to make Butler look like a wuss. “She’s the most ruthless character I’ve ever played,” nods Green. “I always say, ‘I can’t go darker,’ but I always do! She’s like a man. That’s what I liked about it. I don’t like ‘girlfriend rules’ and all that shit.”

– Scans from 2014 > Total Film (UK) – February 2014

2 Responses to “Eva Green, warrior princess for Total Film (UK) – February 2014”
  1. spot Says:

    “I don’t like ‘girlfriend rules’ and all that shit.”

    SAY IT, SIS!

  2. AusRotten Says:

    Hell yeah..move over xena theres a new warrior princes in town!!! (no disrespect I actually like lucy lawless) but you get my meaning hahah. 🙂