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  1. Leo Says:

    Less that 10 days for the premiere of the movie! I can not wait!
    Some say that the movie is pretty decent in the advance screenings so certain fears of mine maybe are not founded.

    Also this interview is quite strange and revealing because is show how the people in the media (or people in general) only seems have real attencion in her work if is full of sex and violence. And when Eva says that in real life “a lot o boyfriends”(!?) tell her that she is “violent” in the “sexual act” like in the movie i believe only contributes in the stereotype of her of femme fatale that people and directors could have of her work performance.

    I’ll be there at the premiere anyway to have some fun

  2. Stef Says:

    M. here. I connected as Stef by accident.

    That’s what Ms Green said about her sex scenes in 300 and about boyfriends.

    Q: Let’s talk about your sex scene: henceforth, it’s one of the most expected of the year…

    A: We shot two scenes and I haven’t seen the last one. Based on what people say… it’s the roughest one. Anyway, it’s more fun because everyone always talk about the sex scenes… and I close my eyes when they appear on screen. I never get used to it.

    Q: In Dark Shadows, Tim Burton made you make love to Johnny Depp in 4D and breaking all the furniture, here, it goes a little further and you sink the boat… Why are your love scenes so violent?

    A: I had never thought about it from this point of view, for real. It’s a fight, like any sexual act. Even though, now that you say it, I have loads of boyfriends who think the same way… in real life.

    The headline says that “the best Bond girl goes back to being a ‘bitch’ in weapons and confesses to us that she’s ‘violent’ in bed in real life”.

  3. spot Says:

    This article as a whole is a mess to be very honest.

  4. Stef Says:

    @spot: M. here. I can’t imagine Eva saying those things. She’s always so discreet about her love life and she doesn’t seem to be the kind to have had loads of boyfriends, even though she obviously could and can because she’s a goddess.

  5. Daphne Says:

    Hmmm…. The past interviews have been very strange . I doubt that she said that. Maybe the interviewer got it wrong or she did it deliberately.

  6. spot Says:

    @M: I know right? I can’t imagine her saying those things. She has always shied away from discussing her personal life, let alone her love life. Sometimes I wonder if some of these interviews are fabricated or just a result of lost in translation or awful proofreading.

  7. BigMan3000 Says:

    Check it out here:

    h ttp://www.tv3.ie/entertainment_article.php?locID=1.803.874&article=127577

  8. Sebastian Says:

    H ttp://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/eva-green-im-basically-an-old-lady

    Question, what do you think about the Interviews in the fashion magazines or magazines like the Stella, Observer, Evening Standard? Are there more serious for you than Movie magazines?

    I agree I can’t imagine Eva saying those things. She said times:

    Eva Green worried about media obsession about her private life
    “I’m not the best (at interviews)… I’m always scared of words in real life, if they’re not on a page in a script. To talk about myself, I feel like, ‘Oh, my god…’ The movie should speak for itself. I know it’s very pretentious to say that. It’s part of the game I suppose…
    “It’s weird when journalists ask you, ‘So what don’t we know about you?’ I like playing a character and I feel like it’s indecent to reveal too much. It’s none of people’s business.”