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Photoshoots/Outtakes > Session #001 (2014)

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  1. Antigonus Says:

    In the close up portrait she looks….just…. painfully beautiful…

  2. Johnny Says:

    New interviews with Eva, and the second one also has an interesting bit concerning Penny Dreadful

    ht tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2rD02CrRdU

    h ttp://www.metro.us/newyork/entertainment/movies-entertainment/2014/03/03/interview-new-300-star-eva-green-doesnt-always-want-show-boobs/

  3. George Says:

    quite acclaimed review for Eva… h ttp://www.hitfix.com/motion-captured/review-eva-green-gives-a-cant-miss-performance-in-the-crazy-new-300-sequel

  4. Antigonus Says:

    h ttp://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=115560

  5. Leo Says:

    Ha, all the reviews i read are acclaimed the amazing performance of Eva. I am so glad for her.

    h ttp://www.villagevoice.com/2014-03-05/film/300-rise-of-an-empire/

  6. Antigonus Says:

    “It is hard to argue that Green “steals” the picture when she is one of its lead characters, but hers is the kind of unapologetic arch-villain role that is all-too rare for actresses. It is a terrific performance, and she is aided by a tragic back story that gives the whole film a moral depth that the first film lacked, one that all-but-mocks the self-righteousness of the first film. Green is flat-out spectacular here, giving a fully physical and genuinely shaded star turn that is almost as exciting as all of the hacking and slashing. She has a great confrontation with our hero that deliciously plays with the whole sex/violence shtick while offering real character development that somewhat pays off in the finale. She is worth the price of admission all by herself, and if there were more female roles of this nature in major studio releases I’d complain a heck of a lot less.”

    Forbes (my iPhone deletes what I’ve entered into the comment box when I go to another tab to copy the URL)

  7. Antigonus Says:


  8. emma Says:

    Another new interview of Eva for the movie


  9. spot Says:

    Eva and Lena! #BOW

    h ttp://instagram.com/p/lJgAp5vA0K/

    Source: Lena Headey’s Instagram account

  10. Stef Says:

    I love this so much!