Stef   /   March 05, 2014   /   4 Comments

Thanks to Emma and Johnny for some of the new interviews.

4 Responses to ““300: Rise of an Empire” Interviews”
  1. spot Says:

    I live for her interviews!! I hope she does some Late Night Show guesting.

  2. Lita24 Says:


  3. AusRotten Says:

    I don’t like that interviewer that keeps talkin bout the guys abs..who cares!! He seemd more interested in their abs, rather tthan askin valid smart questions about the film,some of this interviewers are just horrible.where do they find this ppl? :[

  4. spot Says:

    @ausrotten You could tell that she’s just trying to get through in some of these interviews. Lol. If I heard it right on one of the interviews (the JoBlo one?), at some point, she whispered “Oh I like your face” LMAO. You just know that some of these stupid questions are killing her on the inside. Lol