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Thanks to Kellyk and Leo.

6 Responses to “Young Hollywood interview with Eva”
  1. spot Says:

    So I saw 300:Rise of an Empire yesterday. I cannot say much about the movie itself since it’s not really my cup of tea but I’ve seen the first one and I must say that it’s basically the same movie but with different characters. However, being a fan aside, what makes the movie watchable is Eva. She is just hands down amazingly brilliant in this. Her Artemisia is complex, evil, fragile and just plain wonderfully acted. Frankly, everyone’s acting wasn’t at par with Eva’s. She just literally chews up every scene and owned the movie….and I’m not alone in saying this! I felt like Eva was equally aware at how campy and stylized this movie is and she just went for it, she went for broke and as a longtime fan, I couldn’t be prouder. This movie could have gone both ways and though it’s not as well-received as the first one, I’m so glad that Eva’s coming out of this unscathed (I have not read a single negative review on her performance -a feat so rare for actors) and probably, even luckier since everyone keeps saying that she IS the movie. So guys, go see it! I’m going to see it again (with different people). Let’s help our girl sell more tickets :p

    Awww she’s getting better with her interviews. She seems more relaxed and less awkward. Lol

  2. AusRotten Says:

    I’m gunna see it again next week overseas 😀 .I did enjoy it very much ,lena headey was pretty great too. Girl power ! Haha

  3. spot Says:

    @ausrotten Lena was great too! I just wish that she had a longer fight scene. I’m going overseas too and I plan to see it with a friend 🙂

  4. AusRotten Says:

    @spot, you’re right ! But lena also did a good job narrating , she put some emotion into it,we suppported domestically now its time to support internationally haha,although apparently the movie is doing pretty well overseas 😀

  5. spot Says:

    @ausrotten She did. I really think it’s the women who carried and owned this movie. No shade to the men, especially Sullivan Stapleton. It’s really doing well overseas. My cinema was packed and I was sitting there with this dumb look on my face because I keep hearing the people in my background saying cool things about Artemisia and Eva. LOL. I judged all the men and women who gasped and groaned (LMAO) during the sex scene though.

  6. Niko Says:

    Thought Eva was Great in Rise of an Empire! Very cute in this interview as well : )
    Looking forward to seeing her in Sin City 2, Trailer below:
    Hope everyone is doing Great these days : )
    Best Always,