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61 Responses to “More “300: Rise of an Empire” Press Conference photos”
  1. G Says:

    With or without Galliano, Jennifer Lawrence for Dior is just all kinds of wrong and tragic. She just doesn’t have that factor and elegance to carry and wear such iconic house. Raf’s aesthetic is just so different for Dior. In my honest opinion, they should have gone for Christian Lacroix. He’s entirely unique on his own and yet he is almost an equal to Galliano’s aesthetic. They should’ve given him the honor and we would have all been spared from the devoid that Galliano left in the house.

    There was no excuse for what Galliano did but there were factors about that specific incident that we should all consider and factors we don’t know. I’m not defending him whatsoever, He really did have to go after that. However, he had made amends and the Jewish community and leaders has even said that he has done everything to correct his wrong. Sure, it may still be there in him but what about second chances? How could he prove himself again if we won’t give him a chance. It’s a gray area surely but I just feel like a talent and genius like him should not be shut down because of a mistake he’s done -and considering that he’s been doing everything to correct them. I feel like there’s zero chance that he’ll be back in Dior but I’d surely want him to helm over his namesake brand again.

    Anyway, back on topic. Let me reminisce the GLAM ICONIC Eva-Galliano collaborations:
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    I BOW’d so low I reached our basement!!!

  2. Daphne Says:

    Of course he deserves a second chance. He isn’t evil, but I think there is something dark in us all, that makes us unhuman. And sometimes it’s hard to control it, but when we snap we don’t really think at consequences, but only at making that person suffer, even if we don’t realise that we are destroying ourselves. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    I’ve listened his interview with Charlie Rose and he really looked like he is sorry and it’s ready to start again.

    I will always associate Dior with Galliano. I don’t know….I have no feelings regarding Jennifer Lawrence. She is just blank to me. It’s sad now that designer have to make a contract with a famous actress, even if she doesn’t have the attitude or the culture (I don’t know how to say it), in order to make the clothes sell (which is stupid because Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t influence me at all). I loved the time Eva had a contract with Dior. That pink dress and that dress she wore at the Cannes( the golden compass premier) are breathtaking.

  3. G Says:

    @daphne I completely agree with everything you said!

  4. Johnny Says:

    I don’t really understand the whole fashion world, all I know is that I loved how risky Eva was in the red carpet around the time Casino Royale and The Golden Compass premiered. I still remember that awesome long dress she wore in Cannes, and even her pink geisha dress, which from what I remember, received a lot of criticism. I loved when she was named one of the worst dressed, and did nothing to change her style. I also don’t care about the so-called fashion police, I always think it’s better to different rather than generic. In fact Eva is the only actress that I bother to look up the designer of the dress she is wearing in the red carpet, even though my knowledge of fashion designers is very scant. She is still amazing on the red carpet, but now has been shying away from it, probably due to the fact that she’s working more. Thank you g and daphne for the insight on the fashion world, I had no idea how it worked, and I do feel more enlightened now 🙂
    So her path has been Armani (?), Dior, Tom Ford, is that right?

    About the Galliano thing, I think it’s time for everyone to let to go, like daphne said we all have moments when our brain kind of shuts down and we just say stupid things that we actually don’t feel or mean. He was clearly in a bad place in his life when he said that hurtful remarks.

    On a side note, I think Jennifer Lawrence is probably the most overrated actress working right now. Much like Anne Hathaway was a couple of years ago. They are good actresses, just not as good as Hollywood is trying to make everyone believe. I don’t really like when Hollywood forces the audience into fancying an actor/actress, actually for me it has the opposite effect lol.

  5. G Says:

    There are many factors as to why Eva seems to have toned down her red carpet looks lately. Probably because she changed her stylist or she’s putting variety into her looks now, which I like because it makes her unpredictable and thus makes me anticipate to see what she’ll be wearing.

  6. AusRotten Says:

    Eva does have the coolest admirers..I genuanly enjoyed reading this comments mainly cuz its everything I’d been thinkint, and.johnny you’re right..jennifer lawrence is overrated.

  7. G Says:

    Thanks ausrotten! I agree that she has the coolest and most respectful genuine fans. Add me on those who thinks Jennifer Lawrence is overrated (on all levels).

    PS: @johnny Yes her main public events fashion path has basically been Armani, Dior, McQueen, Givenchy and Tom Ford. Most (all movie premiere ensembles to be precise) of what she has wears to the big events are from Haute Couture Collections of said designers 😉

  8. Kellyk Says:

    I like Jennifer Lawrence, she seems nice and more normal than most celebrities

  9. Daphne Says:

    Ausrotten you know what they ‘great minds think alike’ (or something like that). 🙂

  10. Daphne Says:

    * what they say

    sorry I wrote that in a hurry

  11. alanfeierstein Says:

    This 300 Rise Of An Empire I would say is the best of its category of 2014…I would give Eva some kind of movie actress award for her work in making this endeavor possible….I’m just a fan, but I feel she earned this…