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Thanks to Spot and Sebastian for the videos and Sebastian for the new screencaps.

43 Responses to “New “Penny Dreadful” Featurettes & Screencaps”
  1. spot Says:

    So into Vanessa and Penny Dreadful. I hope it gets the proper ratings so we can have a second season (and more). Some critics are already saying that Eva’s the one to watch in this show. BOW.

  2. Kellyk Says:

    Hell yeah! She’s the reason I’m going to watch it

  3. G (formerly "spot") Says:


    US viewers, especially ones with Nielsen boxes, should watch Penny Dreadful during its original airing. Or for those who can’t, watch it online on Showtime’s website or other accredited legal websites for you to be counted. Being counted means higher ratings for the show and it gives Showtime more incentive to RENEW the show for a second season. Renewal means we are assured of at least 8 weeks of Eva on our TVs 😉

    For international fans, you can HASHTAG Penny Dreadful on your tweets ( #PennyDreadful ) since Nielsen also monitors and counts this as a sign of viewership. Remember to NOT ADD other hashtags to your tweets. It must only contain the show’s name. That’s the basic Nielsen hashtagging rule unless Showtime announces other hashtagging options or Nielsen announces new changes.

    Lastly, what you can do now, during and after the show’s airing, you can keep on letting Showtime know of your enthusiasm for the show and the characters and actors by tweeting Showtime’s official twitter account, Showtime’s official PR account and Penny Dreadful’s official twitter account. Let me know if you want them.

    All this when the show starts airing! 😉

  4. laura Says:

    #PennyDreadful will be the best in years! Horror, suspense and Eva as Vanessa #wow how much adrenaline.. For many seasons..

  5. AusRotten Says:

    Im excited to see timothy dalton, who in my opinion is the best james bond ever..and eva is the best bond girl … to think the two of them are.gunna be in the same show…..its heaven.:)

  6. Reinmar Says:

    As much as I love watching Eva and I’m excited about this series and its theme I don’t think I would want a second season or more. I would much rather see it as one complete story, written from the start with the ultimate ending determined by the writers and properly developed on screen. Just think True Detective, excellent series due to brilliant cast but also due to the fact the story was told to its end. Those series that gets extended for second and consecutive seasons quckly become cash cows for producers (and sometimes actors too). And those series who are based on mystery usuallly quickly go in the direction where the story becomes more and more weird and ridicolous (just think X-files, Lost, Fringe). So let it be one perfect story told and Eva can move on to other projects.

  7. AusRotten Says:

    I remember reading somewhere it was goin to be 8 episodes. But I might be wrong

  8. Reinmar Says:

    Yep it’s 8 episodes if its only this one season.

  9. G (formerly "spot") Says:

    I wouldn’t mind Penny Dreadful having more than one season. It’s completely viable and more stable for the actors. They could spend 5-6 months doing a season and the rest for vacation and do one or two films. I have no doubt that Eva will keep doing it (IF it gets renewed) unless she feels otherwise since she only does projects she’s passionate about. I wouldn’t mind seeing 8 episodes of her work in a span of 8 weeks then one or two films for the rest of the year rather than one or two films a year only :/

  10. Daphne Says:

    let’s hope it will be great….But from what I’ve seen it’s an interesting story. 🙂

  11. G Says:

    There’s a 300: Rise of an Empire game app on iOS. You can download it if you want to go and try to beat Artemisia. Lol

  12. Stef Says:

    M. here using Stef’s login: Thanks for the info g (formerly spot). The official Penny Dreadful Twitter account follows our EvaGreenWeb Twitter account so we’ll try to be very active and show them that we’re watching and support the show! Let’s all join forces. It can’t hurt.

  13. G Says:

    @M: Definitely! Showtime’s PR twitter account told me that they’ll keep me posted if Penny Dreadful will have a SDCC panel or if they will participate in other Cons. If they do, safe to say Eva will be there since I was told that Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will have a panel. They also informed me that they’ll keep us posted if Penny Dreadful is qualified to any award giving body 🙂

    PS: International fans can also watch the show online (through Showtime’s website or other legit sites) if it’s available in their country. You will be counted.

  14. G Says:

    Variety’s assessment of The Salvation’s chances/prospect in Cannes on May: h ttp://

  15. AusRotten Says:

    GOT at 9,penny dreadful at sundays just got a whole lot better!

  16. AusRotten Says:

    @spot are you going to SD comic con?,I remember we said we wanted to go this year to lend our support haha…unfortunately for me I think its sold out. I waited too long,that and I’m afraid I spent most my savings on my recent trip too 🙁

  17. G Says:

    @ausrotten I might not be able to make it due to my work schedule but I got a friend who has a standby ticket for me. I’ll still try to make it! Anyone reading this who’re going to SDCC should let us know 🙂

  18. AusRotten Says:

    You’re lucky! Maybe I need to reevaluate my friends ,jk- if you do go..and lets say at a panel you got to ask her one question..what would it be?

  19. G Says:

    @ausrotten Lol! I’m just lucky I have friends who have extra tickets and sponsor tickets 😀 I was suppose to go last year but I had to cancel because of other commitments 🙁

    My friends were suppose to get me a signed pic but her booth signing time coincided with the The X Files panel so they had to skip it. They were able to walk pass by her booth though and they told me that she looked up as they passed by so they stopped for a few seconds to wave and tell her (they sort of shouted because the place was really noisy lol) that their friend *insert my real life name here* is a huge fan and she just smiled and waved back so they didn’t really know if she heard them LMAO 😆 . Sad.

    Oh god I haven’t really thought what I would ask her in case I get into the Q&A of a panel she’s in but I’d definitely not ask her generic or personal questions or questions that has been asked millions of times already. How about you?

    Also, can I just say that (creepy) guys telling her they’ve been a fan since The Dreamers (followed by hooting and clapping in the background) are just weird :/

  20. Leo Says:

    Apparently new Eva movie. Mmm… is good i suppose.

  21. AusRotten Says:

    I don’t think given the opportunity I would dare ask her anything..I’m far too shy I’d be too afraid to make an ass out of myself or stutter outta pure nervousness (few celebs have that effect on me , I had a glimpse at cate blanchett while they were filming blue jasmine two blocks from where I work and my hands started sweating..I think its the high cheekbone effect ) but idk.I’d prolly ask her what’s the last book she read, but that’s something I always ask when I meet someone…to me she seems smart and bit of an intellectual ..I’d just love to pick her brain in a non creepy way lol ,I bet she has fascinating interesting views on things in general 🙂

  22. G Says:

    That’s a great question. I’d love to know that too and I agree that she seems smart and an intellectual. I guess it’s part of why we all here like her so much. I’d like to know her views and opinions on things too. I mean, what’s her general politics and opinion on certain things. Is she a feminist? How political is she? Things like that. Haha

  23. Daphne Says:

    @ ausrotten

    I would also like to know what was the last book she’s read. so far I’ve read all the books she has mentioned in interviews (Fraulein Else, Stefan Zweig’s books – even though I’ve heard of before, The Secret Scripture etc), except for Haruki Murakami. I don’t like his books.


    Hmmmm….I don’t think I would like to her opinions on things. Sometimes actors/actresses should keep things for themselves. Or if she would like to say something, I’m sure she would say in her usual respectful manner. 🙂

    And for both of you…What was the last book that you’ve read? 🙂

  24. Daphne Says:

    * to know her opinions on things

  25. G Says:

    The thing about her though is she remains a mystery even though she answers these things. She just have the knack of keeping us guessing. I definitely don’t want to know everything. I like the mystery but an idea wouldn’t be bad.

    The last book I read is Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections.

    I think everyone should definitely share the last books they’ve read 🙂

  26. AusRotten Says:

    Last book I read was Inanna her stories and hymns from sumer and now I’m reading william shakespeare’s star wars (its no joke lol) its writen in iambic pentameter which is pretty impressive and it has quite beautiful elizabethan illustrations 🙂

  27. G Says:

    @ausrotten Can you link me to the book? I mean the cover and everything? I’d like to take a good look at it. Sounds interesting…

  28. Daphne Says:

    The last book I read was ‘Mon enfant de Berlin’ by Anne Wiazemsky, who was in ‘Au hasard Balthazar’ the film in which Eva’s father also starred – how crazy is that. It is a very special book about Anne’s mother who was a Red Cross nurse and how she met her future husband, Ivan.

    Now I’m reading Penelopiada by Margaret Atwood. After that I’m planning to read ‘Byzantine Empresses’ by Lynda Garland.

    ‘Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer’…..sounds fantastic. I think I will give it a try.

    I’ve never heard of Jonathan Franzen. From what I’ve seen it is an interesting book.

  29. Leo Says:

    h ttp://

    This is true?

  30. AusRotten Says:

    @ leo ,yerma suena bastante interesante y tragico…talvez sea sierto ..?
    @ spot,which book ,shakespearean star wars?i got it on amazon its from Ian Doescher, and Inanna Queen of heaven and earth is from Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noa kramer..
    btw daphne “Byzantine Empresses”sounds right up my alley ,it’ll be my next read!!

  31. G Says:

    @daphne Interesting books you have there! I’ll go look into them. I’m most interested with Byzantine Empresses. Thanks for sharing! Franzen’s books are really interesting. If you have time, go check out his works.

    @ausrotten Yes the Shakespearean Star Wars book. I just looked into it and I’m already intrigued. I’ll get into it after I finish everything in my list…I have a backlog :/

    @leo I think you have to take it with a grain of salt. I can’t find any other supporting source. However, I’d love her to work with Andy Garcia in the future!

  32. Daphne Says:

    @ausrotten I’m always interested in history. Especially women as rulers. They are simply fascinating. But not only queens, but also actresses and writers, women that have changed the world.

    @g It will be very cool for her to work with Andy Garcia. I hope she gets other projects soon.

  33. AusRotten Says:

    @ daphne,have you read a book called “Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World”? its a good read..
    I too like to read about historic empowering women.cuz I feel often times they’re story has been misconstrued and they’re depicted as the “seductress”and nothing more,take cleopatra for example,she was incredibly brilliant and accomplished unbelievable things , tablets and monuments have been destroyed or conveniently lost, women went from being worshiped ,having temples build after them,men launching entire wars for a single not being able to vote and burning bras??I often times happened? lol but I feel there’s a renaissance for the modern goddesses in the making.:)

  34. G Says:

    @ausrotten Men like you who acknowledge and asks these kinds of questions are rare these days. Respect.

  35. Emilia Says:


  36. Leo Says:

    h ttp://
    Apparently yes is it’s true, a new film which appear Eva

  37. G Says:

    Interesting project. However, there hasn’t been other sources to support this news….

  38. Leo Says:

    @g Already get that by now.
    I am just saying that the most probably that is true because is not that first time a read this and certainly if El Mundo (think like spanish Le monde in importance) say this, well would be difficult not believed. But wherever.

    Also since we are talking of books I recommend any book by Pierre Hadot, particularly Philosophy as a Way of Life. Is a terrific book, one of those that can change life. Of course according to my opinion.

  39. G Says:

    It’s a very promising project and the casting is good. I hope El Mundo is right on the money 🙂

    Thanks for the book recommendation leo!

  40. AusRotten Says:

    it does sound promising and its a tragic tale..maybe something eva would be interested in? if its true she’d be reuniting with joseph fiennes,and in my opinion they were the only good thing in camelot.
    @spot,Im a goddess lol!!.but you are right men like that are a dying breed..luckely for me I don’t care much for men 🙂

  41. G Says:

    I agree about her and Joseph being the only good thing about Camelot (ooop). It does seem like something she’d be interested in. I hope we hear of upcoming projects soon!

    @ausrotten Omg what. I have been under the impression that you are a guy? 😆 I’m really sorry!!

  42. Daphne Says:

    @ Leo

    I love Pierre Hadot! I’m soo happy someone else reads his books ! 🙂 You should also read Emil Cioran. His books are sooo painful to read, because they are soo true. When I read ‘On the heights of despair’ I was like reading my own thoughts, my own soul.

    @ ausrotten

    I’ve started reading Byzantine Empresses and so far it’s good. At least my translated version is great. But I’m sure the original it’s much better than a translated book. So I highly recommend it to you!

    This sounds like a cool project. I hope she does it.

  43. alanfeierstein Says:

    All photos above are excellently done..