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6 Responses to ““The Salvation” Official Trailer International Version”
  1. alanfeierstein Says:

    I like this cowboy type trailer; the images are small on this public library computer.Can you mention some of the actor and actress peoples names?

  2. Johnny Says:

    Just saw the trailer, and I’m having mixed feelings about it… Albeit gorgeous, with some really nice shots, it also looks a bit confusing and feels a tad rushed. Anyway Eva looks very beautiful and it appears to be a more toned down role for her, very different from her previous endeavors. It is premiering at the Midnight Selection in Cannes, I could be wrong but don’t the films that premiere there have little attention? If so it’s a shame, the movie has a great cast and an interesting story, even if I’m not entirely convinced by this trailer.

  3. Daphne Says:

    actually, it looks interesting.

  4. dandy candy Says:

    I can’t wait for this and for white bird in a blizzard, about sin city, I’m not very excited, honestly

  5. Nausicaa Says:

    I agree, the trailer isn’t well cut; I hope the film has a less self-aggrandizing tone. The footage itself looks.

  6. Antigonus Says:

    Yes. The trailer has a slightly dated 80s cheese factor, but the footage looks moderately promising….why are there all these Americans in South Africa? 😉