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We have all been invited to take part in the live tweeting that will be taking place tonight during the Penny Dreadful premiere! It’s only a few hours away, so be sure to hop on Twitter and submit your questions. Please be sure to use this format:

@sho_penny For [Insert Cast Member Name]: [Insert your question] #PennyDreadful

We will be tweeting live from the Penny Dreadful World Premiere this evening and want you to join in on the excitement! We’ll be gathering questions all day long to ask the cast/crew, so tweet any you have using #PennyDreadful. Then, follow along with @SHO_Penny on Twitter tonight to see if yours is answered!

We will also be re-posting the Pilot Sampling around 8:15PM and will be encouraging fans to watch along in real-time, as if they’re at the actual screening. More details below. Looking forward to chatting tonight!


3 Responses to ““Penny Dreadful” Q&A Tonight!”
  1. AusRotten Says:

    Omg!!! I cant believe I’m missin out on this 🙁 -plz post highlights

  2. G Says:

    @ausrotten You can scroll through our Twitter window on the right bottom panel of this page for the highlights. There are more things posted there which may not show up here so if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can just Google “EvaGreenWeb twitter account”, click on our account, then you can already read through all the posts, even the replies. Or you can just click on the Twitter icon on the right top panel of this page.

  3. AusRotten Says:

    Yeah thanks spot , I did just that..omg the picture of her makin the scary face was freaking hilarious jaja