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5 Responses to “Eva Green and Mads Mikkelsen in Le Grand Journal – May 16, 2014”
  1. Alfa Says:

    Both countries where I was born in and where I am living in are Francophonie members but I could not understand a French word other than “bonjour”.

    Anyway, Eva looks awesome as usual.

  2. AusRotten Says:

    OMG- she’s perfection..i died. +_+
    i did find it weird she didn’t wanna hold mads hand …whats up with that ?he’s a gentleman though haha

  3. edenLiao Says:

    a follower of mine on tumblr just kindly translated the interview for me! it’s a rough one but enough for reading! she said it’s okay to share with people. thank to her again! 🙂
    read here on my page! http://edenliaothewomb.tumblr.com/post/86007248174/the-salvation-interivew-with-eva-green-and-mads

  4. dandy candy Says:

    I’m dying, she speaking french… I liker more when she speaks her native languafe 🙂

  5. G Says:

    @edenliao Kindly thank your friend ordre-et-beaute for us and all the other Eva fans who wanted a translation 🙂