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“In a way, the central question of the series is, ‘Who is Vanessa Ives'”, says John Logan of the show’s clairvoyant heroine, a dame to tune in for. “She’s a complicated woman with a dark past; a woman who personifies what it is to be different, to be a monster in a way. The thing that damns her also makes her strong and commanding in a time when women didn’t have have power, and it gives her sexual liberation, but also curses and torments her.”

To play the role, the writer of the best Bond movie in years bagged the best Bond girl in years: Eva Green. “As a writer, it’s useful to have a muse, and Eva is mine,” Logan tells Empire. “She is a ferociously heroic actor, incapable of being false. I wooed her for months, because she was hesitant about doing a TV project, mainly because of the length of the commitment. Thankfully, she really loved the part. Every day when she’s working, the first thing I do is go to the make-up trailer and chat with her.”

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    When it is a challenging role, Eva can easily handle the requirements..The proof is she went from a Bond girl to Artemisia to Penny Dreadful…