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Our statement about the Eva Green Ava Lord Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster…

It has been officially announced that Ms. Green’s Ava Lord Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster is officially banned. It is with great sadness that a pair of covered breasts are deemed more dangerous than a gun. In this regard, @a_kaufman, one of the film’s producers, has cleared straight to EGW that the poster “was rejected for in-theater marketing. It will now live forever online.”. There is no point in blowing this matter out of proportion.

Sadly, this poster has generated quite a number of attention for the past few hours. While there are a lot of people and fans alike defending the poster and Ms. Green herself, there has been a good amount of prudes and perverts that has come out of the woodwork. Saying disrespectful things towards Ms. Green over this poster is uncalled for and unnecessary. This is a character poster portrayed by an actress, not a poster of an actress as herself. We could learn a thing or two from Ms. Green herself. In her own words: “Nudity is just another costume. Perverts might think otherwise.”

Thank you for your concern and understanding.

11 Responses to “Ava Lord Poster Officially Banned by the MPAA”
  1. Sid Says:

    She looks sexy and beautiful, that should be end of discussion. It is not that big a deal to use sexuality in film promotion..especially when Eva Green can back it up with good acting.

  2. L Says:

    Nothing wrong with the poster, it quite smart

  3. JWill Says:

    She looks amazing! Being a women I’m totally comfortable with saying HOT! I just want to know how we can get one! Go eva. Get over it people

  4. AusRotten Says:

    Pervs at MPAA sure have an active imagination, if they wouldntve have banned the poster it wouldnt have generated all the buzz online, so the jokes on thm, all the other sin city 2 posters came out and went away quietly but this one….sadly we are still talkin about, its a beautiful poster and its now my wallpaper on my cell..:)

    MPAA can’t censore my phone right? Haha

  5. alanfeierstein Says:

    I am sorry to learn that this poster was banned; it seems so unfair for Eva.

  6. Reinmar Says:

    Eva looks splendid in this poster, as usual. As for the whole controversy I do agree with those who think it’s all a well planned marketing stunt designed by the movie producers. And it seems to be working as intended – everybody is taking about Ava Lord – Eva Green. Good for the movie and I suppose good for Eva too.

  7. jwill Says:

    Personally I’m proud as he’ll of her for that shot. Women are awesome. She has the platform to remind folks of that. Do it. She’s also got an amazing ability to act. In this case the old “walk the walk” comment has been clearly proven. Isabel (eva) schooled us a long time ago on beauty and talent.

  8. Mel Says:

    There’s been positive attention on Reddit for this poster; they also commented on her incredible acting in Penny Dreadful. Go Eva!

  9. dandy candy Says:

    that’s stupid, I seriously don’t see anything wrong about the poster…pervs? this world is full of them, maybe they feel offended by Eva’s huge breasts, otherwise I don’t see what’s wrong about it :/

  10. edenLiao Says:

    I don’t see why Jessica Alba’s one is okay if they banned this poster? for me, like Eva once said, nudity is just another costume, perverts might think otherwise. and, there’s actually no nudity in this poster.

  11. alanfeierstein Says:

    Eva did a semi nude scene in Rise Of An Empire. No person ever complained. So why now do they complain of a poster?..