Stef   /   June 11, 2014   /   1 Comment

Congratulations to the winners of our fourth and fifth Penny Dreadful Twitter contests: @mgraceaquino (Philippines) and @wingedwater (Belgium) won Victor Frankenstein posters, @finnmarin (US) won a Sir Malcolm poster, @amazingpri (Brazil) and @PREDATUM (Canada) won Vanessa Ives posters, @AprilDiamond28 (US) and @BrandyLotusgirl (US) won Dorian Gray posters and @EmA2ReN (France) won a Creature poster.

One Response to ““Penny Dreadful” Contest Round 4 & 5 Winners”
  1. alanfeierstein Says:

    I find that reading about contest winners can be very exciting; congratulations to them.