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Source: IGN

Note: This interview was done after shooting of Episode 7.

5 Responses to ““Penny Dreadful” Eva Green on Her Creepy New Horror Series”
  1. Chris Stanbury Says:

    Beautiful lady. Fantastic actress. Watching Penny Dreadful at the moment where Eva has to potray just about every emotion imaginable. I’m writing a Kindle Novel at the moment. Futuristic with the main character a synthetic human. If it gets made into a film Eva would be perfect for the lead role. Kind regards. Chris

  2. Andrew Says:

    That’s an interesting concept, Chris. I’m working on something…not a book but just a short story.

  3. dandy candy Says:

    I just wonder why is she so amazing

  4. alanfeierstein Says:

    I bought the movie Rise Of An Empire…It is great; on 2 DVD’s…It does Eva justice.

  5. Chris Stanbury Says:

    All the best with that Andrew. My novel is out soon and I’m going to do a big launch on Blog, Twitter, Facebook. If it goes film then I’ll try and get Eva interested. Who knows?