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It is officially July and we have decided to hold a contest for our Twitter and Tumblr followers in celebration of Eva and Joy’s birthday this coming Sunday. The contests are only for our Twitter and Tumblr followers, so you must be following EGW on one or the other in order to participate. We will post our yearly birthday message here for her and Joy as well, and all fans are invited to participate, but there will not be a site contest.


Be sure to follow @EvaGreenWeb on Twitter and help us reach 10k (we’re not opposed to more) by July 6th. More details on the contest (and prizes) will be posted there.

We ask everyone to tweet your favorite Eva Green picture, video or quote along with the hashtag #HappyBDayEvaGreen and tag @EvaGreenWeb starting on Sunday, July 6, 12AM Paris Time (Saturday July 5 6PM ET).

EGW will be giving away an authentic Penny Dreadful Vanessa Ives poster to one lucky fan participant. Additionally, we will give away an extra Penny Dreadful poster if we breach the 10K follower mark by July 6 and an extra poster for every thousand added follower. The winner(s) must be an @EvaGreenWeb follower and will be randomly chosen by an uninvolved third party. Once the winner(s) are chosen, we will DM them for their full details (name, address, etc.) and follow up with an announcement on our website, Twitter and Tumblr pages. If for some reason a winner decides they do not want their prize after all, they will have three (3) days to contact us that they would like to forfeit and then we will choose another winner to take their place. Have fun with your tweets in celebrating the talented Ms. Green’s birthday!


Be sure to follow EvaGreenWeb on Tumblr and help us gain more followers. More details on the contest (and prizes) will be posted there.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in making an Eva Green graphic/edit/gifset/whatever suits your fancy and tagging each edit with ‘Eva Green Birthday Contest’. We will choose our top 3 contestants and once they are chosen, we will create a poll and allow the public to pick their favorite of the three. We will have a three (3) day voting period, after which we will announce the winner. The winner will get an authentic Penny Dreadful Vanessa Ives poster. All qualified submissions can start submitting NOW. Submission will close on July 6 11PM PDT.

Please note that though @SHO_Penny provided the prizes, they are NOT a sponsor for this event and are NOT involved in picking the winner(s).

6 Responses to “Eva Green Birthday Celebration Contest”
  1. Samantha Garza Says:

    Awesome thing you guys are doing in
    honor of Joy’s and Eva’s Birthday, can’t wait;)

  2. alanfeierstein Says:

    Eva, along with Joy, deserve their birthdays to be celebrated…They do excellent work.

  3. Sofy Says:

    Is fan art allowed too? I’m working on a traditional drawing of Eva, and I thought it’d be awesome if I could participate in her birthday contest with this work.


  4. G Says:

    @Sofy Yes Sofy! Fanarts are definitely allowed 🙂

  5. boldoliver Says:

    I unregistered my twitter and tumblr long time ago. So guess no contest for me LOL.

    Aging or not, or even acting or not, I wish her to stay healthy, stay happy, and stay classy.

    She’s a beam of sunshine, and she will always be!

  6. Tylor Says:

    Happy birthday to both Eva and Joy, hope you have a great year and wish for many great years for both of them