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By Natalie Finn

Eva Green does not get the fuss.

“I mean…the poster, you don’t see anything!” the French actress exclaimed to E! News, her response in a nutshell to the hullabaloo over what was deemed to be a too-sexual teaser image for the upcoming sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, featuring Green’s Ava Lord in a flimsy white robe, gleaming pistol in hand.

The none-too-subtle hint at what’s underneath Green’s robe was considered too naughty for public display by the Motion Picture Association of America, prompting Dimension Films to release an edited version of the poster. ABC later refused to air the trailer that was initially made for broadcast because Green “appear[ed] to be naked.”

“Just wait for the movie then. It’s in 3-D as well. Enjoy yourself, you know!” Green said, laughing. “It was nothing on the poster, it was lots of noise for nothing.”

She marveled over how the violence in the film, implied by her brandishing a weapon, was fun with the MPAA but the hint at nudity was being censored.

“I’m holding a gun on the poster—no big deal about the gun, it’s all about my t-ts?!”


Source: E! Online


4 Responses to “Eva Green Can’t Believe Controversy Over Revealing Sin City 2 Poster”
  1. Jackie Says:

    Ohhhh Eva, thank you dear, thank you! I am thrilled with this answer! I feel it should be made into a fabulous sound bite. Perfect

  2. Roberto V. Says:

    American puritanism is somewath ambiguous, everytime

  3. Jackie Says:

    Well said sir…..she shut him down without batting one beautiful eyelash! I love it. I literally have the banned MPAA poster hanging in my office

  4. Nausicaa Says:

    Hilarious comments from Eva.

    Is there any way to prevent his clip from auto-playing every time I load the main page?