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3 Responses to “Is Eva Green Of ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Just Too Damn Hot For America?”
  1. Jackie Says:

    THIS interviewer is my favorite! He’s my fav because I feel the exact same way about my husband when it comes to Evas movies. I don’t want him to miss a second of her! Her talent is so incredible that nudity isn’t even part of the discussion. Eva’s parts in the Dreamers and Perfect Sense etc. are amazing vessels for people who want to FEEL the story. Theres such a larger picture in Evas parts. Her range and depth is un freaking real! Shes is an actress of my generation and I couldn’t be more proud of her ability to make me feel every single character she plays perfectly. Shes not only inspiring to me but also to my 7 year old daugher and as a mother I can’t even explain that feeling. I completely approve. Just watching her answers here makes me smile. What a completely humble, well rounded, genuine person. Completely fearless and so talented.
    So is she too hot for America? Nope. We need more actresses like Eva Green in America. The only problem? We don’t have them!
    So, um, PS Eva don’t let the Donkeys tell you your too hot for America…WE APPROVE! Bravo

  2. Valentina Says:

    I really do not approve these unjust accusations on Eva. Eva is a great actress she has the talent that many have not, she’s versatile, expressive. In this movie Eva isnot vulgar. Internet is full of allegations on Eva…They are absurd and illogical. There are many crimes in America and they should worry about this and let Eva quiet.
    Eva is really brave to face this situation stressful and heavy in every interview, newspapers etc. Unfortunately most of the people remains firm to the images and do not go beyond, unfortunately very few people grasp the nuances of things, feelings. many look only at the surface without depth.

  3. alanfeierstein Says:

    The only way this movie would have been too hot for America would be if we were living during the Pilgrim Era…Otherwise no, it ain’t too hot..