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Eva sent us this very sweet surprise message and we’d like to share it to all you fellow Eva Green fans! We could honestly say that we are deeply honored to run this fansite for such a talented, genuine, inspiring, kind-hearted and down to earth woman. We would also like to send our deepest appreciation to her equally amazing twin sister Joy who sincerely accommodated this on Eva’s behalf  for us! Thank you very much Eva and Joy! You both rock!


15 Responses to “Eva Green Surprises EvaGreenWeb With A Sweet Handwritten Message”
  1. alanfeierstein Says:

    I would like to thank, Eva, Joy and all member administrators of this web site for the warm thanks from Eva..

  2. Valentina Says:

    I say thank at the managers of this beautiful fansite, Joy and Eva, especially for the emotions, smiles and strong that Eva gives me. I wish the best for Eva, my sweet angel, Joy and administrators that they created this great fansite :)A sweet hugs to Eva by Valentina

  3. XX12 Says:

    This is so super sweet of Eva <3 I love this..it's so intimate! Love, love her even more!
    Thank the crews for your lovely work 😀

  4. Elizabeth Adler Says:

    Oh, wow! Eva and Joy seem like such decent people. So lovely of them to send such a sweet message to the administrators of this site. I’m sure all of us that visit EGW on a daily basis would agree, it is well deserved. Thank you for sharing this with us! Keep up the great work(:

  5. Marijan Says:

    Soooooo kind. Happy to read this. Thanks to Eva and Joy!! YOU ROCK!!! Greetings from Germany.

  6. Jackie Says:

    Eva and Joy
    It is so rare that the time is taken to tell people you know and see daily “Thank you.” The fact that you took the time to reach out to the thousands you don’t know speaks volumes. Class and grace don’t begin to describe this wonderful gesture. As a long time fan, I can say I truly appreciate the faith you place in us. Because we have unwavering faith in you both. Inspire, lead, and take no prisoners!

    To quote one of my favorite lines:
    “Let nothing hold you back but the air itself. You are between heaven and earth. The rules no longer apply.”

    Please continue to set the standard ladies. Thank you again

  7. Philius Says:

    I still can’t get over it. So glad she recognizes your efforts and appreciates them. After all, with 12K followers on Twitter and I don’t even know how many visits on this site, you DO represent her online. And you’re doing such a fair and respectful work. We admire you TOO! xx

  8. Lorène H. Says:

    Oh my god she’s so sweet ! Eva is so cute, I’m glad for you ! She’s right, this website is very cool, thank you the administration for all ! I’m so touched for you hihi 🙂

  9. Bea Says:

    Guys! this makes me smile. Eva Green Web truly deserves Eva’s attention, because of their hardwork and dedication on this website. Thank you so much Eva for bringing us joy through your projects and stuff! You are an incredible talent that’s why you have loyal fans throughout the years. Also thanks to your twin sister Joy for this! This really goes to show how awesome & kind hearted you both are for taking the time on doing this. Marlene Jobert if you can read this, your twins are WONDERFUL! I love this! I heart you all. Well done & congratulations EVA GREEN WEB!!

  10. Tris Says:

    Wow, so happy for you guys! Very well deserved surprise, you put so much effort on this amazing site, congrats and YOU rock!

  11. Andrew Says:

    Thank you Eva 🙂

  12. C Says:

    I am so proud and thrilled for you gals. Congratulations!!! You ladies have ran this site with such class and dedication that it has become my Deyrolle of All Things Eva!

    HUGE Thank You to Joy and Eva who are so down to earth and humble that they took the time to write and send you this wonderful gift. This is truly amazing.

  13. dandy candy Says:

    I’m going to melt. That was so kind and lovely from both of them, with that message I can appreciate Eva’s kindness and how humble she is. I hope no matter how far she goes, she always keeps that amazing treasure. Thank you EGW staff for sharing this, thank you Eva and Joy for reading us and give us a little of your time for these cute messages 🙂

  14. Carla Zampar Says:

    Wonderful, good actress, and now this surprise, we love you Eva increasingly!


    Like this site. Hope to see you in person Eva. from Manila w/ Love