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By George Driver


We caught up with our fav Bond girl, and Sin City siren, Eva Green to chat all things Casino Royale, loving Cate Blanchett and why she’ll never get Facebook.


She’s the smoulderingly sexy French actress we wish we could call our own, the coolest Bond girl since Pussy Galore appeared on our screens and a secret Catherine Tate obsessive. We caught up with actress Eva Green as she follows in the footsteps of Uma Thurman and Penelope Cruz as Campari’s latest calendar girl. 


InStyle: You’ve played a Bond girl, three witches, an Arabian princess… what would your dream role be?

Eva: I’d love to do something with Mike Leigh, something quite raw. People have a tendency of putting me in the box of the femme fatale so I’m quite sick of that. I’ve played other roles but it seems that’s what people see me as, just hair and makeup and I wish people would see beyond that.


InStyle: Do you do funny?

Eva: Well, I was obsessed with Catherine Tate for a while… I’d love to do a comedy but it’s quite difficult to find a great one. I’d love to do a dark comedy, I like a dark sense of humour. I’d love to find the right one and be brave enough to do it.


InStyle: Which is your favourite look from the Campari calendar?

Eva: I love the astronaut outfit. The sleek updo, the studded Louboutins, it’s really cool and simple, quite poetic.


InStyle: This is the first time a woman has shot the calendar – what was it like working with Julia Fullerton-Batten?

Eva: Male or female it’s the talent of the person, it’s just somebody you have to feel confident with, you have to feel loved by the person behind the camera, to have a connection. I’ve had photoshoots where you really don’t connect with the photographer and I’m a terrible liar and suddenly your features get all tight and you can’t hide it. When you’ve got a nice team, hair and makeup artists and your friends and you’re happy with what you look like, then you can give something. Julia is such a brave artist, and completely bonkers in a good way!


InStyle: You’ve been in two Frank Miller comic book films, would you say you’re a bit of a geek?

Eva: No! I saw the first 300 film and the first Sin City film but I never really read the comics. I thought 300 was great because it’s so rare to play a warrior woman; being so physical was a challenge for me but it was really fun. Ok, it wasn’t a masterpiece but it was liberating! And then Sin City with Frank Miller was very stylish, an homage to the film noir, it was a fun experience.


InStyle: Which of your male co-stars was your favourite to work with?

Eva: Oh I couldn’t choose! I’ve been very lucky!


InStyle: A little bird told us that you almost didn’t audition for Casino Royale

Eva: Well they didn’t give me a script! I was kind of a snob I think. When I got the script I thought, ‘Yeah this is great, this is a meaty character, not just a beautiful girl’, it was a nice love story.


InStyle: What about social media?

Eva: No, I’m a retard! I’ve got email and an iPhone and that’s it. I love texting but I hate talking on the phone, it’s exhausting! A text is fine, but Facebook and Twitter? ‘I’m picking my nose, I’m eating some chocolate’, who cares?


InStyle: Is there anyone in Hollywood that you completely love?

Eva: There are so many amazing people! Cate Blanchett is a goddess.


InStyle: You’re having a celeb dinner party, who do you invite?

Eva: If she was still alive, Ingrid Bergman, I would love that. I’d only have dead people. So Ingrid Bergman, Stefan Zweig and Bette Davis. That would be cool.


InStyle: What’s your favourite costume from a film you’ve worked on?

Eva: I’ve had beautiful costumes, in Kingdom Of Heaven the costumes were pretty magical. When I’m dressed as an oriental princess with all the veils, that was very beautiful. 


InStyle: What about the red carpet? Do you have a favourite designer?

Eva: There’s so many! I’ve been very faithful to Elie Saab recently, I think his clothes are otherworldly and beautiful. I love Rick Owens and I know that Galliano is now working with Maison Martin Margiela so I wish him luck with that.


Source: InStyle UK


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  1. Joey Horist Says:

    Eva can gladly text me about eating chocolate or whateve anytime she wants! 🙂

  2. alanfeierstein Says:

    Eva does exceptionally well in portraying action roles…I look forward to her continuing in the motion picture world.