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By Katie Donbavand


It’s hard not to fall in love with Eva Green—even when she’s just a voice on the phone.

“I’m in Ireland at the moment,” she purred sounding every inch the femme fatale she often plays on the silver screen. “We just started about a week ago and then I’m going to go straight over to a Tim Burton film.” The busy actress also managed to find time to pose in the 2015 Campari calendar wearing a fantasy wardrobe that included Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenberg,Christian Louboutin, and Versace.

Somewhere between the glamorous photo shoots and prepping for her various roles, Green managed to find time to talk to us about where she likes to wander in Paris, how she keeps her skin glowing, and what her new role in the latest Tim Burton movie entails.


You’re one of our favorite brunettes! What’s your secret to keeping your hair healthy and shiny? It’s always so beautiful.

My scalp is actually becoming quite sensitive. I just discovered that brand Moogoo, it’s for very sensitive scalp. It’s kind of organic, very simple. It’s nice.

Otherwise Shu Uemura do amazing shampoos. They do an oil as well that can be put on your hair for 24 hours. It kind of feeds—nourishes—your hair. It makes it very shiny. It’s very good!


And what about your skin? You’re always glowing. How do you wash your face?

It’s nice to change [products]. I’ve discovered recently discovered SkinCeuticals. It’s made miracles on my face, I have to say. They have some great antioxidant products and [the results] are immediate. It’s a very amazing brand.

Otherwise, I like Jurlique. La Prairie is very good as well. Sisley too. It’s nice to change. And also [these are] all very normal products that you would buy at the pharmacy.


Your trademark is the smoky eye. You always hit the red carpet with it. Are there any new makeup trends that you are excited to try?

I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to go with very plain makeup on the red carpet because it’s kind of an anomaly for me. I like smoky eyes, but also the lips done because in real life I’m very boring and don’t usually have any makeup, so, for me, it’s the best opportunity to wear makeup! I love makeup on the red carpet.


You don’t play happily-ever-after characters. I read a quote of yours that said “It’s so boring to play the girlfriend.” What draws you to your characters?

It has to speak to my heart. [I love] characters that are not obvious straightaway. That have kind of a secret and also that are not, as you said, like a girlfriend or just there to be beautiful. A woman who is fragile but also bold—lots of colors.


Your Penny Dreadful role is so different than some of the things I’ve seen you in. Do you enjoy it?

It’s very intense. It’s full on. It’s a great role– very rich, lots of homework. It’s wonderful to play someone who seems so much in control, who has all these demons inside her and is very fragile as well so it’s nice for an actor. Many things to do!


Can you give me a sneak peek of the Tim Burton movie? Are you allowed to say what your character is like?

It’s inspired by a book called Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children ($8, amazon.com) and I’m playing Miss Peregrine. It’s kind of a dark Mary Poppins. It’s a role that I’ve never played before. It’s not very glamorous– at all! She’s fun. She’s a very good character. Very endearing.


How do you like working with Tim Burton? This will be your second film with him, after Dark Shadows.

He’s wonderful! He’s so humble and so open to ideas, which is very rare for someone who is very famous. He wants to come to Ireland so we can share ideas together. It’s really lovely. There’s a child locked inside him. He’s a very pure soul in Hollywood so that is refreshing.


I read that you love to visit art museums. Do you have a favorite museum that you like to get lost in?

I’m French so I have to say the Louvre! There are so many rooms in that museum. I haven’t seen everything in the Louvre. It’s quite overwhelming, in a nice way. There are lots of secrets everywhere.


Are there any American ones that you love?

The Getty Museum in LA. I love going there because you can breathe. It’s in the hills and there’s something kind of soothing about that place. The place is nice in itself and they always have very nice exhibitions there. The Metropolitan, of course, in New York. It’s fabulous.


What was it like shooting your Campari calendar?

I was very honored to be asked. The team they hired was absolutely talented. The photographer they hired, Julia Fullerton-Batten is absolutely fabulous and I don’t think she’s done much fashion [photography] before but she’s done an absolutely amazing job because she’s a real artist. Every set-up was very different, very beautiful. Like a painting. It was fun. I didn’t feel like there was pressure from the clients. They love Campari. And, for me, it’s such a classic brand, I was absolutely honored to be a part of it.


Each set-up in the calendar—each month—tells such a story.

Yeah. And every character is different. There’s a boyish style, femme fatale, then more romantic, and fabulous.


Every side of Eva.

[Laughs] Yes.


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