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The shots of the Campari Calendar 2015 were taken by Julia Fullerton-Batten, famous art photographer, acclaimed worldwide and first woman to head the Campari Calendar project. Its distinctive feature, which is characterized by the use of light and of highly creative environments, helps to tell these stories and to visually capture a hint of timelessness, the fil rouge of Mythology Mixology this year. Thanks to a perfect combination of insightful vision and a distinctive approach, Julia gives life to every special history behind the classic cocktails Campari so contemporary and artistic.Here is  Style Fashion’s exclusive interview:


What can you tell us of your experience on the shooting of the Campari Calendar 2015?

The theme of the Campari Calendar 2015 is Mythology Mixology. And merges visually the brand’s history and the story behind the most famous cocktail of Campari in monthly cameos. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to take the calendar with Eva Green stars and star. Bearing in mind that this is the 16th Edition of the Campari Calendar, are particularly proud of the fact that I am the first woman to photograph one of their iconic calendars. The shots were very similar to what I imagine to be a film set: full of people, exciting and very energetic! At one point we were able to count 71 people on set, all in the same time-the creative team, set designers, make-up artist, my team of assistants, etc. and, of course, two women at the center of the set. Everyone has created something. We worked a lot and often until late in the evening. We were a great team and we can be happy, proud and satisfied that everything has worked out so well. “


What was it like to work alongside Eva Green? You have shared funny experiences together?

I didn’t know who would have been the Muse until they are selected as a photographer. When I found out who it was I was absolutely delighted! When I first met Eva on the set just before the start of the shots I hit for his professionalism and patience, made the dress rehearsal of clothes for more than 4 hours. Eva is a pleasantly youthful person and it is very easy to get along. She has the ability to do facial expressions that made everyone laugh. On the set I ran once in a while, but in many cases the wondered of directing herself. I thought it was perfect for this project because we didn’t want to just tell the story of Campari, but also its placement in our contemporary society – this is what manages to capture Eva, is a timeless beauty that is both classical and modern. Among the funny anecdotes, there was a time when it is directed at the bar and playfully took a siphon and carbonated water sprayed all over the set. 


There is a trick to capture the true essence of a woman?

There must be a personal bond between photographer and subject, in order to bring out his inner personality, his character and his aura. This requires an element of intimacy between the two. When I met Eva and we look into my eyes I felt that this connection was established and we would have had a good result, and that’s what happened. 


Among the twelve shots, what is your favorite?

My favorite is Old Pal. It was the favorite drink of Richard Burton and I like both the scene and the setting of the picture. It is set in the 1950 American style that is also the inspiration of the Eva suit. The recipe is a Campari, part rye whiskey and one part dry vermouth. It has a lot of character with a contemporary twist and a touch 1950. 


What are the characteristics of your style and your photographic aesthetics?

My photographic style has two essential characteristics for which is instantly recognizable. The first is that I use the performances, mostly in place, that tell a story. From an original idea the work gradually goes through various stages of development, refining the initial idea. At the same time, I find locations, models, clothes, props, stylists and assistants. Sometimes it takes me months to develop the idea and the various scenes until I’m not ready to take.

The second feature is my lighting technique that is wide and has a cinematic atmosphere. Combino flash and natural light, sometimes adding cross-lighting, candlelight and light the lamp to give it more atmosphere. In a scenario of bowling I have used flash 31-heads and I combined with ambient light. The lighting requires a lot of time to be set for this shooting sometimes it took me up to 6 hours, was essential to the preparation and timing of shots. 


How to live the relationship between photography and Smartphones and the arrival of social media as Instagram? Today, everyone can be photographers. What do you think?

 Since they came on the market compact digital cameras, the people were able to take photographs, print them, send them to others and publish them online. Were Polaroid cameras that allowed anyone to produce snapshots. Even before it was accustomed to Kodak Brownie box camera and, more recently, Holga cameras today have been developed for the masses in China. By definition all people who use any of these devices can be called a photographer, even if everyone took snapshots.

More recently we have developed mobile phones, smartphones and digital cameras of similar size to the smartphone, all with excellent technical skills. Instagram enables simpler distribution of online images and digital filtering to these images to create different effects so as to become “cool”.

 Unquestionably many beautiful photographs can be made by people using these new technologies, some shots intentionally takes place, more by chance. 


If I could give advice to a young photographer, what would it be?

Suppose you consider yourself a good photographer, then choose to be original, creative, works hard, persevering, be competitive, careful and think positive. Be the architect of your own fortune. I have always thought that each of us makes a fortune by participating and communicating with other people, participating in contests, etc. 


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    Send Julia two awards. One, for her beautiful photos and two, for successfully eye locking Eva Green. Cause…um…that’s impressive.