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“Sexy Vamp makes me angry“

Actress Eva Green (34) talks in an interview lasting 20 minutes about her qualities as a housewife, her true self and her reputation as a sexy Vamp.


Eva Green, you are often reduced to the dark, sexy Vamp. How do you explain that?

Because people have not seen all my movies. If you pigeonhole me, it makes me always a bit angry.


What movie should I watch to know the real Eva Green?

The real me I keep to myself. But in the movie “Womb” by Benedek Fliegauf I am playing a shy girl. This is being pretty close to me. But even strong women, being crazy, I like to play. The main thing is, that the characters are not one-dimensional.


You are the face of the Campari calendar 2015 with the title “Mythology Mixology“. What is so mythical about cocktails?

The Campari brand, existing over a hundred years, is absolutely timeless. This makes the mythical aura that surrounds the product.


Do you like to go out into bars?

Yes, sometimes I do. But only on special occasions.

What do you order?

My favorite drink. A Negroni Sbagliato.


I’ve heard that you like to cook. Is that right?

Absolutely not. I love to go out into restaurants. But I’m a terrible cook. And also not a good housewife.


You live in London and Paris. Do you have a special ritual to feel at home quickly in a new place?

I go to the massage, jogging or just walk aimlessly through the city to explore it. It brings me back onto my feet and makes me feel the new location.


Is it true that Nina Hagen inspired your style?

As a young girl I was really a big fan of Nina Hagen. I thought she was totally cool, she is such a full-throttle Girl.


Who inspires you today?

No one special. It’s important that I feel comfortable in my outfit. My style is not too modern, rather inspired by the 40s and 50s. But I am basically open to any outfit styles. That’s why the shooting for the Campari Calendar has been so much fun to me. In particular, the transformations from classic to modern were also interesting.


Do you watch as a leading actress of the TV series “Penny Dreadful“ sometimes other TV series?

Recently I have downloaded “True Detective” onto my computer. I thought that was wonderful. Watching TV series is so familiar. It’s like meeting old friends again and again.


Where do you watch the series?

In bed and falling asleep. Not really glamorous.

Thank you to Marijan for translating the article-interview for us!

Source: 20 Minuten

2 Responses to ““20 Minuten” Eva Green Interview”
  1. Jackie Says:

    I’m buying Eva a rubber band gun. This way when someone pigeon holes her into the ‘vamp/sexpot’ category she can shot them with it. I know it would make me feel better 🙂

  2. alanfeierstein Says:

    I believe Eva gives warm and friendly interviews…