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By Fernanda Baldioti


The star of  calendar 2015, the french actress collects stuffed animals and only watch movies on plane

LONDON – At first glance, the production can cause impact: dress and red lipstick, and Louboutin sandals and a powerful make-up  worthy of a diva of the cinema. But the look that Eva Green wore last Wednesday in a suite at the Ace Hotel in London, to launch the 2015 Calendar of Campari, is almost a costume, hand-picked for her to play one of the roles that is considered more difficult: to be herself.

“I hate it when, in a few photoshoots, I have to pose in front and smiling. Therefore I prefer to embody a character, with beautiful clothes, heavy makeup. It’s like an armor.” she explains, who under the lens of the prestigious German photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten gave life to the stories of twelve classic drinks that are based on traditional Italian drink .

But hiding behind her characters is not the only tactic Eva Green does to overcome shyness and flourish her best-known facet of femme fatale in movies. Considered one of the sexiest women in the cinema, the French actress, who played Bond girl Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale” (2006), calls attention not to have stunning curves. Nor is it the kind that is making faces to test your power of conquest. Eva prefers a game of seduction less obvious, which attracts more by the atmosphere of mystery that she creates around herself, starting with the choice of enigmatic role such as the witch Serafina Pekkala  in “The Golden Compass” (2007); the witch Angelique , in “Shadows of the Night” (2012), and currently the scary Vanessa Ives, in the series “Penny Dreadful”.

“The mysterious people who have secrets and are not obvious, are more attractive, more interesting. We lost the mystery in our society. With the internet, it no longer exists. I find this sad.”, she philosophizes, that makes a point of staying away from social networks: “I  use  my iPhone basically to exchange emails and take pictures.”

Off screen, without the typical supernatural powers of some of her characters, Eva keeps the element of suspense from day to day displaying a goth look: black clothing, smoky eyes and blond hair dyed black dramatically parted to the side. Not to mention the eccentric habits, such as a passion for taxidermy. Simply enter the living room of her house  to come across some skulls and a series of stuffed animals (ranging from birds to an aurochs, an extinct species of bulls).”They find me strange because I have these things. And still think I collect art pieces. I love art, but this is a myth.” she says.

The exotic decor contrasts with the classic beauty, her soft voice  and the almost demure way of the actress, who considers herself an “old lady” and not think twice before giving up a party to stay at home surrounded by friends and even alone: “I do not say lonely, but I like being myself. I am very quiet. For me, the less we say the better. I dont like to spend hours on the phone. I’m a strange animal…” she defined herself, who, however, does not dispense from an invitation to eat well. “I love food but do not have much patience for cooking. I prefer to spend my money going to good restaurants.”

Eva also enjoys flirting with the fashion world. Having been the star for brands like Emporio Armani and Dior, the actress let your little minimalist style aside to work together in the preparation of the stylists for red carpet looks (she has commonly been seen wearing Eliee Saab) and campaigns as in the Campari calendar photos in which displays pieces from Vivienne Weestwood, Diane Von Furstenberg, Versace and her friend John Galliano. “Galliano is now working at Margiela. I wish him luck.”


Extremely shy during childhood and adolescence, Eva started doing theater at the suggestion of her parents: French actress Marlène Jobert, now author of children’s books, and Swedish dentist Walter Green, who believed that on stage she could come loose. “I was very, very shy. To the point when the teacher asked me something I blushed, almost fainted. Be behind a character and not have to say my own words helped me get over it.” she says. Today, she is the kind that looks into the eyes of the caller during a conversation.

Eva had to relinquish all her modesty right  in their first film “The Dreamers” (2003), Bernardo Bertolucci, in which she appears completely nude in various scenes. “I was scared, of course. But when I was accepted, did not think twice. It was the best experience of my life. It did not seem we were filming. We listened to music with Bertolucci, had dinner with him, we talked about movies of the 60s, 70s.It was like a dream…”

Much less evident, her nudity regained the spotlight with the controversial censorship poster of “Sin City: a Dame to Kill For” suffered in the United States, one of her four films that debuted this year. The promotional material was considered inappropriate to leave Eva’s breasts on display under the transparency of a white dress. There was a lot of repercussions about this story. She avoids(dodge) the question and also revealing that she does not like getting naked nor even at home: except for bathing.

The sharp sense of humor, sometimes ironic, may be the result of familiarity with the English. For almost nine years living in London, Eva usually go to Paris to visit parents and friends: “I feel  adult  when I’m in London and a 5 year old kid when I’m in Paris.” she says that even considering the possibility of moving to Los Angeles to invest in a career in Hollywood: “I would die if I had to live there because I can not drive.”

Also do not expect to see Eva Green propagating her  engagement through a newspaper advertisement, as did actor Benedict Cumberbatch, star of “Sherlock” series, which followed the tradition of the English upper class and this week issued a statement on the “Times” saying he will marry the theater director Sophie Hunter. “I would never do that.” Green said with a sarcastic smirk mouth.

Even in regards to relationships, the actress looking to have a more demure attitude and a love life without major upheavals. Since the end of the relationship with the New Zealand actor Marton Csokas, 14 years older than her, she arrived speculation that she would get involved with your fellows Sullivan Stapleton and Johnny Depp, but it was only rumors.

Considered by critics as an intellectualized actress (not to say nerd, as she defined herself in school days) and very demanding with her performance (she does not usually watch because it tends to have a negative view of the performance itself), Eva does not bothers to constantly see her name entered on the list of  “the sexiest” of cinema. But confess she does not like to be remembered only from this perspective: “If I get stigmatized just by the sexy side, people will not see me as an actress, which is not good. At the same time it’s cool to be sexy. If that brings me interesting work can be good. But I really hope people see me beyond that.”

Which it doesnt mean that Eva did not worry about the her appearance. She asked the editors of “Sin City” to erase cellulites in their post-production. The heavy filming routine — she is currently filming the second season of “Penny Dreadful” in Ireland – has not allowed Eva to engage so hard to run – she exercises to keep fit and relieve stress – not other activities that are not work-related: “Hobby? I do not remember what that word means… It’s been years I don’t go to the movies. I watch movies on the plane.” she says. She also dreams of traveling to Tanzania to meet gorillas.

Having the Brazilian makeup artist Carlos Ferraz as her sidekick on red carpets and premieres,  Brazil does not cease to be a destination in the plans of the actress, who made everyone laugh at the press conference of Campari  when comment on what she thought of Rodrigo Santoro, with starred in “300”: “Oh my God, what a difficult question. Ah, he’s tan.” she joked, then to praise the work of fellow scene.

At the top of her career, at age 34 and single, Eva dodges when it comes to motherhood: “I dont know. I have to wait for the right time. But life is unpredictable.”

And also Eva Green. At the end of the interview, when I asked her to do a photo for Instagram to ELA (newspaper column), she challenged me: “Only if you also appear.” And she posed making faces. Photo smiling, front, and alone, or as we say the typical selfie, was definitely not her deal.

The reporter traveled at the invitation of Campari.


Thank you to Priscilla for translating this article-interview for us!


Source: Oglobo

8 Responses to ““I am a strange animal.” Eva Green, the star of the film “Sin City””
  1. Jackie Says:

    I feel like Eva acts for the art of it not for the lifestyle it provides and THAT makes her so different from everything in Hollywood now. Don’t move to LA Eva. Stay in the UK where you can have a normal life. Keep that mystery because you know exactly what you are doing. Be a mother IF OR WHEN you choose. I’m 100% confident you will be just as good at that as you are at everything else you put your mind to. Collect whatever you want girl! Eccentric is incredibly smart and attracts that right type of people to surround yourself with.
    I completely love the candidness of Eva lately. I also love the fact she can successfully NOT answer questions she doesn’t want to. I think I get more upset when someone asks her something personal than she does!
    Basically I am so proud of her. So thrilled with her talent. And cant think of anyone better! Omf now I need to go watch The Dreamers 🙂

    Oh and PS Eva….your talent mixed with your face is simply, ILLEGAL!

  2. G Says:

    @Jackie Lovely words for our dear Eva!

  3. alanfeierstein Says:

    When Eva portrayed Artemisia, this made her known more strongly to the whole entertainment world.

  4. Christian Says:

    I love the new interview. But I dont understand this statement:

    “At the same time it’s cool to be sexy. If that brings me interesting work can be good.”

    Can you explain me the meaning of this statement. I really dont understand this sentences. I really hope for an answer.

  5. Lisa Green Says:

    Just wanted to step out of the shadows to acknowledge this website and team, and the muse of course, my soul sista, and yours Eva Green. Rock on ancient queen!! Love from Lisa Green and Tiki, etc.

  6. Jackie Says:

    You know I sport my ‘Eva Green fan badge’ fiercely and with amaze balls pride! 🙂

  7. G Says:

    @Jackie We know and we can see. You’re one of her biggest fans! 🙂

  8. G Says:

    @Lisa Green Thank you very much for your sweet words! It’s greatly appreciated. Keep visiting for more updates on our dear Eva!