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We wish Eva and her family and everyone who has been part of our awesome 2014, Happy Holidays!

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  1. Jackie Says:

    Eva and family,
    A truly heartfelt Happy holidays to you and yours! What a fantastic year! I’m so pleased at the fact that opportunities have shown everyone your limitless talent. I am so inspired, so proud, and utterly ecstatic at the fact that you are literally ON FIRE! There is truly no one more deserving. No more talented, more dedicated to their craft, and simply, NO ONE BETTER. As a women I enjoy it even more because your ability to be exactly who you want to be and remain true to yourself brings me complete joy. Its a task we all struggle with daily. Bless your heart for flawlessly pulling it off. It makes you so easy to adore. Your talent is unreal and your face is illegal but ultimately, you inspire beyond belief. Your validity and all around substance makes me smile and it makes me believe a little bit more in people. Thank you for being real. Its such a lost thing these days.
    Bless you and your family and may 2015 bring an even larger ASS kicking by Eva Green!

  2. Lucia B. Says:

    Hello Eva, I’m going to keep this sweet and simple…I wish you a very Buon Natale (Merry Christmas in Italian) and a Happy New Year!

    Love Lucia

  3. C Says:

    Happy Holidays to Eva and her lovely family and to G, M, and Stef and all the staff over at EGW for keeping a finely tuned, well oiled machine here. I wish everyone of you much success for 2015!

  4. Stephanie leek Says:

    Dear Eva,
    Merry christmas to you and your family , over the years you have never seised to amaze and mezmorize me through your phenominal performances. You are the only actress who is able to make me fall in love with evil, make me laugh with your dry humour and shyness and have truely inspired me. Congratulations on a fabulous year and I hope you have many more years of success and happiness, you truely deserve it.Im only sorry I could not submit any of my creative writing this year as my A levels are very time consuming. I love your raw talent and passion for your work and how you intricatly choose your roles to how you perceive as interesting and complex;as this makes your performances even more consuming. You are outstandingly beautiful and so much more than just a pretty face as u are also very intelligent. Let us know if you will ever want to read amatuer short stories again as I would really appreciate it if you gave mine a read after I finish school.Have a lovely new year and have a crackin christmas !!! Hope to see you in lots of new movies next year !

  5. Ingrid Ancona Says:

    Happy holidays to Ms. Eva Green! May have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!

  6. Harrison W Says:

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. May your holiday be safe, healthy and without inclement weather in the warm loving embrace of your family and may the New Year be full of joy, light and love.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Bill C Says:

    Joyeux Noel to Eva and your family… AND to the terrific Gang at EG Web (remember drinks at Les Deux Magots are my treat!😁)…

    Wishing all much joy love and happiness each and everyday in 2015!


  8. Hilary Says:

    Joyeux Noël, Green Family!
    ☆*:.。. o(^▽^)o .。.:*☆

    Eva’s talent and determination are such humble gifts, it’s basically Christmas every day she’s on screen, in print, or in person! But a huge thanks and happy holidays needs to go out to her family and friends, for without that sound support system, even the most natural artist would falter. Eva is such an honest inspiration, I find myself wondering how on earth such an amazing woman could live in the glare of the unforgiving spotlight and still be so humble, caring, and kind. Part of that amazing woman is the house and love that built her, that same love and respect she shows every day. Thank you, Joy, Mama Green, and Papa Green for your support, love, laughter and cheer!

    Eva, you are a true shining star among the night sky and I am profoundly proud to be one of your admirers and supporters. Not just because your acting prowess is unparalleled, but I’m proud of YOU as a person. It is easy to lose yourself amongst the crowd and the criticism yet you’ve forever remained steadfast to your good heart, your erudite mind, and the very core of kindness who is just who you are. I’d like you to know you are an incredible artist. Not an actress, not a celebrity, not another face in the tabloids – an artist. The very definition of the word describes you: “an artist is a person having superior skill or ability, or who is capable of producing superior work.” Your ability is natural and definitely superior to the others in your field.

    Never let the judgements of anyone shadow your light. You have an artless charm and have steadily scaled the ranks to become the master of art and acting that you are. Take pride in it, darling, I know I and your fellow adorers do! You deserve every accolade, every word of praise, and every single heart of every admirer you’ve single handedly won over.

    Finally, I hope you and yours enjoy a relaxing, love-filled holiday season this year, and an incredible 2015 year to come! You all deserve it!

    Stay strong, love much, dream big, and refuse to let your feet touch the ground! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  9. Daphne Says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families!

    Also merry Christmas to the evagreenweb crew. You did a fantastic job this year!

    Also Joyeux Noel to Eva and her family!

    Kisses :*

  10. Ea Velling Says:

    Happy holidays, ms. Green. You’re truly an amazing person!

  11. Lucy & Gary J. Blinebury Says:

    We’d like to wish Eva and the entire staff at Eva Green Web happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas. May 2015 bring you all even more tremendous opportunities than 2014 brought.We can’t wait to see Eva’s new work in Penny Dreadful. We think the next year will be even better for her.

    Joyeaux Noelle!

    Gary & Lucy

  12. amazingpri Says:

    Merry Christmas to Eva and her family!! I hope you have a great great time at this holiday!! Thank you for giving us fans such fantastic,memorable and happy times this year!! You being such talent, kind, sweet and strong person is a inspiration for me!
    Wish all the best of this world for the next year and always!

    your huge fan Pri

  13. Alice Says:

    Très chère Eva,

    Cette année a littéralement été la votre, tant de projets et de personnages magnifiques. Vos performances de jeux sont à chaque fois phénoménales et vous seule en avez le don. A mes yeux, vous êtes de loin la meilleure actrice au monde. Nul n’égale votre talent et votre beauté.
    Restez comme vous-êtes, car vous êtes un véritable exemple à suivre. Et merci de nous faire vibrer à chacune de vos prestations.

    De très bonne fêtes de fin d’année à vous et votre famille et puisse 2015 vous apporter bonheur et réussite.

    Avec toute mon admiration,

  14. Bea Says:


    I’d like to take this moment to greet you Miss Eva Green a very Happy Christmas. And please do extend this greeting to your family. Hope you guys enjoy this day.
    I’ve always been big fan of yours and will always be, you are an inspiration to women all over the world. You have graced us with your talent and bravery. I hope to see more of you in the future, because you are very good at what you do. Eva, everyday is Christmas everytime we see you do your thing. Always remember to always believe in yourself, don’t worry yourself too much, because you are pure gold Eva, you are one of a kind, and we fans respect you of your choices and what you do, because you have this magic we cannot explain. You can’t please everybody. So enjoy this day, sit back and relax because you deserve it.

    And lastly, I like to thank you for all the hardwork and sacrifices you’ve made to give us all a good show. You are truly a wonder.

    Joyeux Noel Eva & family.. and also to everybody here in EGW.. YOU GUYS ROCK! 🙂

  15. Marijan P. Says:

    Dear Ms. Green and family,
    Dear Eva-Green-Web-Team,
    Dear Eva Green Fans around the world,

    wishing you all Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Or “Sretan Bozic” as we say in Croatia, “Frohe Weihnacht” as wie say in Germany.
    Love and peace to everyone.


  16. Natanon Aun Says:

    Hello Eva
    I hope you have a wonderful christmas
    have a great new year !
    Hopefully santa will be extra good to you .

    Merry Christmas ^^

  17. Valentina Says:

    Dear Sweet Eva,
    I would like to write a lot of things but simply I wish you a Christmas full of joy and love and I wish to you to live a happy and memorable Christmas with all your family and with your friends wishing to realize all your dreams. You deserve the best really.
    The year 2014 is about to end, an intense year, full of smiles, laughters, joy and endless emotions thanks to you, Miss Green with your characters, with your interviews, with your Premiere and for all others countless things so full of your sweet pure beautiful soul.
    The new year will be a continuous discovery and I hope you can live every minute as you deserve really.
    These days you deserve to laugh, to cry for joy, to be filled with intense love and sincere with all the people who love you for the wonderful woman that you are, for the woman sweet, sensitive, without malice, the woman with tender, shy smile and the soul deep and sincere as a child without malice in a woman’s body special, in a woman’s body with invisible wings. You are entered my life ten years ago with a delicate touch of sweetness thanks to your voice, thanks to your deep sincere eyes, eyes unforgettable for me as well as your sweetness. Thank you for all Miss Green 🙂
    Happy Holidays Eva Green and Happy Holiday EGW

  18. Ramona Says:

    Dear Eva,

    I just want to make it short and wish you a wonderful Christmas. I hope you enjoy the silent time with the ones you love. Just coming down and enjoy the time 🙂

    Lots of love from Germany.
    Ramona xxx

  19. Katie Says:

    Merry Christmas, Miss Green! May you and your family have a wonderful holiday. You are truly an inspiration and always amaze me with your infinite talent. I hope 2015 is a phenomenal year for you!

  20. Clara Says:

    Whatever xmas means to you, may it be a very happy one and professionally you already got to the top of the mountain, may you find true love now

  21. Anna Says:

    Dear Eva,

    I am so glad to be able to observe the (hopefully constantly) rising career of an actress who is so versatile, who can bring genuine romantic passion into her roles and to get some glimpses (even if in the virtual space) of a person like you, who always carries herself with elegance, humility, and is still sparklingly funny.
    I wish you and your family all the best, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season, please stay as you are, stay on the bright side in this complex business that has so many illusory paths!

    Also many thanks and best wishes to the EGW-team!

  22. Brian Says:

    Dear Eva,
    I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous new year.to put it simply you are extremely talented and amazing at what you do. Thank you for putting everything you have into it. We appreciate it and support you completely.
    You were simply amazing in 300 Rise of an empire, I hope that is just the tip of the iceberg we will see from you.
    Brian R

  23. Samantha Garza Says:

    Merry Christmas Miss Green and all the amazing people at EGW! Hope ya’ll have a great holiday and enjoy yourself😄

  24. Michelle Says:

    Merry Christmas Eva! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us and showing women everywhere, how beautiful it is to be strong and fearless. Wishing you all the best for the new year and may it be filled with lots of love, laughter and memories to last a lifetime!

    Michelle R.

  25. Nicolás Suszczyk Says:

    Merry Christmas to my favourite Bond girl and a great actress too! I’ve saw a couple more of your films this and I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

    All my very best wishes to you and your family from Buenos Aires! Joyeux Noel!

  26. Christian Says:

    Dear Miss Green,

    Merry christmas! You are my favorite actress of all time. Wishing you all the best for the new year!!! I am looking forward for your new projects in the future.

    @ EGW: Merry Christmas to you. You are the best! I love your passion and work. Wishing you all the best for the new year!!!

    Greetings from Germany and best wishes,

  27. Andre Tongz Says:

    Compliments of the season Eva,

    Life is timing, chance and Providence. I am glad in my time, I got to know someone like you. The epitome of womanhood.

    More success and blessings in 2015. You are eternally in my heart. Cheers.

    PS: EWG, you guys ratings are 10/10 keep up the good work!

  28. QueenVanBuuren Says:

    Hello…just to wish you all the best wishes and an excellent year beginning…and give you thanks to given us all and the best Eva´s info…your fucking rocks guys!
    And to Eva.. all my best wishes… your fucking amazing..the best in this planet… so talent..gorgeous…you are are just the best… and i´m so proud to be your fan..really… because you are a quality actress and great person …and i love you… god bless you and all your family…