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Penny Dreadful Season 2 will premiere on Showtime on May 3, 2015, Sunday at 10PM ET/PT.

10 Responses to “Penny Dreadful Official Season 2 Full Trailer”
  1. Oriol Says:

    The medium is Bathory!!!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Holy!! I can’t belive Bathory is going to be in this…where’s Canterville? lol

  3. Leo Says:

    God, I hope, but I really hope that this season is good. The first was decent but not too impressive. Even worse are those ”do or die” staments of the Showtime President that obviously Imply that also they not have ratings.

    As an huge admirer of Eva, just I can not deal with the idea that she already could have two failed TV shows. And then Movies like Sin City bombing in the Box Office… I am the only fan who see the pattern here and worry about it? In this page or in twitter never discussed this kind of things. Maybe because no one wants to be seen as rude or something. I mean we are not discussing her sex life or something, i believe are legitimate questions about her choices and quality of her work

    I love Eva and i will continue to go and pay to see in any movie she appear. But i hope she can give better direction to her career.

  4. edenLiao Says:

    I love Eva and I’ve been worrying about what you say. still now, yes. I admit that. but she had White Bird and The Salvation last year, those are great choices, in character and in movie quality both.
    two flicks (300, Sin City) and two indie films. for me, that’s how she well balanced it. I know the two flicks are not great, but her characters are. Artemisia is a strong female warrior and Ava is a independent, powerful woman. we know she chose them because she couldn’t say no to the characters.
    as for in TV. oh yes, I don’t like Camelot, it’s bad. but I love Morgan, I love the way Eva portrayed her. then, Vanessa Ives, obviously, a complicated lady which is always Eva’s favorite, bringing her to another level of challenge and she really does nail it. the best thing is, you can see many of her past characters’ qualities in Vanessa. to me, Penny Dreadful is a long, continuous story. season 1 is just the beginning to make clear on basic things like characters’ relation, their backgrounds so it was in a slow pace to prevent people to get confused. I’m sure season two will be stronger and better since we’ve now learned the basics.
    most of people may not aware of her two other indies last year, but they talk about Eva as Vanessa, Artemisia and Ava a lot. for the last two I’ve heard many people say things like, “Eva is the only good thing in these films”. and it’s good for people to know Eva and admire her. she gained lots more fans in 2014. and I think recognition would lead her to more projects, so she’ll have more options, which leads to what you said – quality.
    after all, I respect all her choices. even sometimes I don’t like the final version of the projects, but I always admire her choices on characters. there’s a reason behind each of them. she’s true to her own heart and will keep doing this on finding new roles/movies. to bring us amazing and great performances.

  5. G Says:

    @Leo Thank you for sharing you opinion. We all see her projects in different ways and while we cannot account for the kind of discussions that goes on on Twitter or any of our platforms, we deeply value them and read them. Naturally as fans, we want to see and look more on the positive side. 2014 was a great year on her career and in her performances. She gave 5 different kinds of characters, 5 different kinds of women and we are more than happy and proud of her for that.

    The thing about her so-called “failed” projects is that she as an actress does not have full control on the finished product. 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and there’s no point in arguing there. In all honesty, I wouldn’t see them if it’s up to me because those kinds of projects do not interest me but Eva convinced me because well, I’m a huge fan and because I know that she would bring something new to the table – and I was not disappointed. The beauty of following her career is that she has always been someone who can mix it up with big and small films and play a wide range of characters and emotions. To echo EdenLiao, she’s always been someone who stays true to her acting intentions and to her characters. Eva played a variety of women last year: she was a warrior, a psychopath seductress, a depressed mother, a caged wife, a rape victim, a mute, a thief, a conflicted religious heroine, etc. and we can only hope 2015 and the years to come would bring more success as much as 2014 did. I may not agree with some of her choices but I respect them because she saw something in these projects that made her sign up to them. I sincerely hope that the added recognition and attention she got last year would convert to more choices and offers for her to spread her wings and show more of her talent and range. She deserves more than what she’s getting now – I think that’s something we can all agree with.

    Everyone is free to discuss her career or fashion choices. We do encourage discussions on that.

  6. Samantha Garza Says:

    April 26 has officially become the most important day on my calendar! Really psyched about Season 2, can’t wait to see more of the lovely Miss Green and the rest of the talented crew of Penny Dreadful😄

  7. Cordell Davis Says:

    I’m SO stoked for Penny Dreadful season 2! Eva, what an AMAZING performance you put on as Vanessa Ives! No other actress can play her like you can! You’re the icing on the cake in this TV series, and I hope we get a season 3!

  8. IIIIII Says:

    Agree with G. Her job is only the acting part which she have obviously done a great job at since I only see praises for her acting. The finished product and its outcome is entirely out of her control. But I think as fans we really wanna see her in projects that are critically acclaimed & successful. This woman needs to be known more & winning shit tons of awards (even though she doesn’t really believe in it? I think.) for her works!!

    It’d be fun to see her in a romantic comedy movie though lol

  9. Daphne Says:

    I think it’s very hard for an artist to choose between pleasing his soul or pleasing his/her fans….and also actresses don’t have good roles to choose from. In a way I kind of understand Eva that she wants complex female characters, but they also have to be good written. To be honest I was kind of disappointing when I heard she accepted the role of Ava Lord, because I remember she said some time ago that she didn’t want to be typecast as a femme fatale. But I think it was a smart move for her. In a way that she is more known now to the audience, and producers and cast director might notice her.

    And also she is one of the few actresses out there that wants to be known for her acting, and not for scandals or things like that.

  10. Daphne Says: