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By Anastasia Nemchenok


ELLE met up with Eva Green in London, where the Campari 2015 calendar (featuring the actress) was launched.


ELLE: Tell us about the work process on the Calendar.

Eva Green: The work process was fun and interesting. Most importantly, I didn’t feel any pressure from Campari, which is a rarity when you work for a commercial project.  


ELLE: How was it working with Julia Fullerton-Batten, the first woman photographer in the history of Campari calendars? 

EG: Julia is a real artist. She had never worked for a fashion shoot before, but she had organized everything perfectly. Usually it takes time to get used to someone’s working style, but this time – boom – everything was shot very quickly. An actress needs to feel appreciation from a director or a photographer in order to perform her best. Thanks to Julia each shot is like a painting.


ELLE: Where did the shoot take place?

EG: In Budapest, Hungary.


ELLE: Were there any fun moments on set?

EG: The shoot was difficult, as we only had 5 days to complete it, but there were some fun moments. During the first day I was given a special pour spout for cocktails (it’s used in bars to pour drinks) and I of course started immediately  spraying everything and everyone on set.  


ELLE: Who was in charge of the clothes?

EG: Some pieces were taken from the runway, like the Vivienne Westwood dress, but most of the looks were created especially for the calendar by a designer whose name I unfortunately don’t know.  All clothes were specifically tailored for my size and I felt extremely comfortable, which is very important to me.


ELLE: Tell us about your everyday style.

EG: My style is simple. I’m very shy by nature, and I transform completely for a role. When I was in school I used to get cripplingly shy while talking in front of an audience, but now – just look at me! If it’s for work or for the red carpet, I get dressed to the nines, but my everyday look is pretty simple. I have an ordinary wardrobe and I spend most of my time in jeans. Maybe I should try a little more…  


ELLE: Today you’re wearing a lot of jewelry pieces. Who are your favorite jewelry designers?   

EG: Oh yes! Both rings on me are by a Russian designer – Elena Okutova. We met during my recent trip to Russia. She has designed these rings especially for me and I wear them all the time. We have a great bond, I shot for “Dark Shadows” wearing her rings!


ELLE: You’ve been to Russia. Would you ever want to play a Russian character?

EG: Recently somebody told me that I could play Margarita from “Master and Margarita”.  


ELLE: Yes, you’d make a wonderful Margarita! By the way, what do you think about the modern beauty standards? Plastic surgeries and unattainable standards are a hot topic nowadays!

EG: I’m still young and I can’t make harsh judgments, it’s hard for me to say if I’m for or against this. It’s true that it’s important for a woman to look good and with age that desire to look good doesn’t disappear. The main thing is to be sure that the procedure doesn’t leave permanent damage. If you’re sure of the end result, why not try something radical?  


ELLE: And what about a woman’s purpose in life? Should she be beautiful or intelligent?

EG: I believe that women can do anything. During the last decade we have attained fine results. We are ruling the world even if men haven’t woken up to the fact yet.  


ELLE: What is the most important thing in life?  

EG: Love.


ELLE: Did you always know that you’re going to be a star?

EG: No way, I’m not a star! I don’t even consider myself famous! I can hide behind big sunglasses and a hat and walk around on the streets – nobody will recognize me! I even go to bars with friends. I love that feeling! It’s like I disappear and nobody knows who I am. And I think that I’m very lucky to be working in this cutthroat industry.


ELLE: Which director has influenced you the most?

EG: Ingmar Bergman.


ELLE: How do you relax ?

EG: I just bought something recently, it’s called Champ de Fleurs (Tapis Fleur Champ de Fleurs. — note ELLE) a little rug made of seeds. At first laying on it was a bit painful, but then my endorphins started working! This rug is the best thing that has happened to me lately. 


ELLE: Are you ever planning to move to Hollywood from Ireland? 

EG: Oh no, no way! I will die there! I can’t even drive.


Thank you to our friend Ani for translating this interview!



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  1. Jackie Says:

    Eva Green, girl, you are my heart! “Love” is most definitely the most important. Stop your perfectness, NEVER!