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Uniqueness is a special edge of her talent. Eva Green first attracted the attention of the audiences with her bold scenes in the legendary Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers”. And she was remembered. Till this day she has to fend off journalists with questions about her demonstrative nudity in the film. “Yes, I filmed something that was nearly a porn scene! But the film isn’t about that! The erotica in the film is a tool, which demonstrates the liberation of the antagonists from social taboos, the film is about 1968, about the revolution in people’s minds.”

So Eva doesn’t like discussing this topic. Anyway, international fame found her after the role of Vesper Lynd, a Bond girl, in “Casino Royale”. She followed it up with gothic and mysterious roles in “The Golden Compass” and “Franklyn”, and with a femme fatale role in “Sin City 2”. In the TV show “Penny Dreadful”, she exorcises the Devil and fights vampires. Why this choice of roles? She thinks it’s the “best way to liberate one’s self”. She feels the need to transform even during photoshoots. She can be a pin-up girl, a real lady, a seductive creation of the dark forces – anyone, really! Even her last name has been changed due to circumstances: it’s pronounced “Green” in English, but it actually sounds as “Grayne”, as her Father is a Swede. Eva’s also not a brunette but a natural blonde. Even in her soul she’s a little infantile, modest and fearful. But she dyed her hair and became a vamp, which she doesn’t regret.


ELLE: Is there anything we don’t know about you?

Eva Green: I often play confident and powerful women. People think that I’m like that in real life too. Labeling people is habitual but I’m a closed-off and shy person. This is why during photo sessions I try to be bolder and I choose eccentric and dramatic looks for my red carpet outings like Galliano and McQueen, which I love, and which have a certain level of oomph, but I try to avoid this type of escapades in real life.


ELLE: What are your everyday clothes?

EG: Black leggings, biker boots and a cool t-shirt, for example.


ELLE: How do you feel when people closely watch you and judge you?

EG: At first I had panic attacks! But as outings in the spotlight became more frequent, I started to be more confident. You don’t need special skills for that. You just need to understand why you’re getting the attention and be proud of a job well-done. I concentrate by listening to classical music. During shoots I often listen to Chopin.

ELLE: You always look flawless on the red carpet! What are some of your favorite looks of other stars?

EG: Cate Blanchett! She is very elegant. It shows that she feels comfortable in anything she wears. There is no impression that a stylist has chosen her outfit and made her wear it. Cate and I don’t know each other but if I ever meet her, I’d love to personally compliment her. But I’d faint from admiration first!


ELLE: So you’re her fan?

EG: Of course! And I’m also Leonardo DiCaprio’s fan. When I was younger, a photographer friend of mine arranged for a job during the shooting of “Man in the Iron mask”. I was serving coffee and it was my first experience in the film industry. At the time, I had just watched “Romeo+Juliet” and liked DiCaprio. And then I saw him work and I fell in love completely.


ELLE: Your mom was also an actress. Does she give you any style tips?

EG: She thinks I choose some weird hairstyles but she always praises my choice of gowns. She had red carpet outings during the 60’s and the 70’s (Eva’s Mom is Marlène Jobert, a French actress of Algerian descent), but back then everything was different.


ELLE: You have a twin sister.

EG: Yes, but we’re nothing alike.


ELLE: Tell us about your youth!

EG: When I studied in a Parisian school, I always organized unique fashion-outings. I wore Indian-style jewelry on my hair, matched my eyeshadow to my maroon coat, and dyed my blonde hair black. I still have that need to express myself through style as I’m not very eloquent.


ELLE: Do you have the desire to turn back into a blonde?

EG: No, I know that a warm dark color suits me more. It compliments my coloring and looks natural. I always dye my hair that particular shade before I start working for a new film. Thankfully, now I can address L’Oréal Professionnel professionals and they can recommend me a hair salon anywhere in the world.


ELLE: Why did you agree to represent a hair care brand?

EG: L’Oréal Professionnel is a quality product. I used these products when I was still a teen. Plus, the brand is directly associated with fashion. Professional hairstylists use their products during fashion events and create trends in hairstyling. Finally, it’s just pleasant to cooperate with people who are immersed in the work.


ELLE: Do you have any favorite products?

EG: My hair is constantly being styled, heated and colored. This is why I use the Absolut Repair Lipidium shampoo and conditioner from the Serie Expert line and apply Mythic Oil before blowdrying my hair. The health of my hair is really important to me. My look can change from film to film, but my mane has to be in perfect condition. I also like the new products Wet Domination: Extreme Splash for straight hair and Shower Shine for a wet-hair look. I love dramatic looks!


ELLE: What has changed in your life in the last 10 years?

EG: I’m the same. I always wanted to work with talented people and the best scriptwriters. Nothing has changed in this respect. I have been lucky to work with such directors as Tim Burton and Bernardo Bertolucci. Thanks to this, I’ve gained self-confidence and the opportunity to be choosy about my roles. By the way, Tim Burton and I have a new film coming out soon “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. The film has a brilliant script and I’m happy to be working with Tim again.


ELLE: How do you find the balance between life and work?

EG: I love my profession. A job you love is never too much work.


ELLE: What do you do in your spare time?

EG: I watch films, listen to the opera, take long walks in the fresh air and dine out in great restaurants.


ELLE: Can you describe yourself in three words?

EG: It’s hard for me to do it myself but it would be interesting to hear other people’s opinion on me. 


Thank you to our friend Ani for translating the interview!

3 Responses to “Eva Green ELLE Russia (May 2015) Interview : Elle Beauty Heroine”
  1. Jackie Says:

    Eva Green, baby-doll, there are no adjective fabulous enough to describe you. You are wonderfully inspiring and represent woman in such an empowering fashion whilst remaining grounded. Change nothing. Ever.

  2. Bea Sobreira Says:

    I totally agree with you Jackie! What a wonderful interview with Eva! Thank you for translating, Ani and thank you to the staff of egw.net for doing an excellent job here on the site and keeping news fresh!

  3. Monica Says:

    Talented, smart and kind person, a perfect person! These are the three adjectives describing you the most, Eva! ♥ Stay strong in this industry, I’m so glad that you always stay true to yourself 🙂