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Green Energy

Some consider her the femme fatale of the 21st Century. Others see her as the selective actress of The Dreamers by Bertolucci. In Paris, in the event of L’Oréal Professionnel for its new spokesperson, Máxima confirmed Eva Green’s magnetism:

Known as one of the femme fatale of her generation, Eva Green never had any difficulty in accepting challenging roles. The careful selection of roles leaves no doubt about her cinematograph preferences but this French is much more than a character in a film noir. It doesn’t surprise considering her ancestry. Daughter of Marlène Jobert and a Swedish dentist, followed her mother’s footsteps, she studied in Eva Saint Paul Drama School. But it was her brilliant performance in The Dreamers, by Bernardo Bertolluci, the turning point where she decided to make a career in the movies. Two years later she arrived in Hollywood and in a few months she already got the leading role in the Ridley Scott film Kingdom of Heaven. Her cinematography is not vast, shooting a few more than one film a year, between 2003 and 2014, most are independent movies. It would be strange for her role as a Bond Girl in Casino Royale if Vesper Lynd wasn’t one of the most complex characters in the saga. And sensual. Despite this sensuality in the screen, Eva calls herself a nerd, admitting that she rather have a glass of wine and a good book than go to a party.

She is not an interview fan but she welcomed Máxima with an unexpected sympathy considering she is at the end of a marathon of them. She threatened to lie on the velvet couch while she invited me to sit with a theatrical gesture but she didn’t do it. The expressivity of the actress doesn’t seem to have the right to rest even after hours of answering journalists. She admits that starting a career working with directors like Bertolucci gave her confidence to choose roles. And despite telling us that she would like to play simpler characters, her last choice seems to indicate that she not ready yet to move away from demanding roles. She is filming Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Tim Burton, a fantastic horror story based in a New York Times best-seller book. Before saying goodbye she told us that she would love to visit our country ( Portugal) : “Even with my skin tone. I really like the sun”. And even with heels she says she loves what she does and “when we are in love with what we do, that’s not really a job’’


How are you?

Still alive. I think we should lay on the couch…Imagine that you are on the beach drinking a margarita.


I discovered that you consider heels a sort of prison?
(Laughs) Ah, heels. Why don’t men don’t try them? These are comfortable (she points to her feet) but sometimes I feel like a bird that will be trapped somewhere. I’d rather be closer to the ground. Heels are a masculine ideal. They like to see women wearing them. Of course we look more elegant, the legs look sexy but I feel clumsy.


It’s strange that you say that because your image is sensual…
Oh God bless you. It’s funny the image of femme fatale that people have of me because my true self is very simple. I like to wear black leggings, jeans, funny t-shirts, black boots and Nike running shoes. I’m a tomboy.


Well, don’t you make some excess with fashion?
Not really. When I have an event , I go to style.com for some ideas. I like drama and I choose more theatrical dresses. I love it. But fashion just as a fashion thing is not my style. I find it very boring. If you have your style, unique and personal, and like to wear what you are and be yourself.


Speaking of style, I saw your photo when you were younger…
Oh my God!


And I confess that I was surprised because your image was different.
Ah, yes! (Laughs) I was more Swedish. I had blonde hair, almost white until I was four years old but then it got darker. When I was a teenager I didn’t like my dark blonde hair and I dyed it dark brown and it stayed forever.


Can you share something that people don’t know about you?
That I’m a virgin (laughs). I’m kidding. I don’t want people to know everything about me. It’s necessary to have some mystery. We live in a mad world with excess media where everything is shared. I think we should have our secrets.


Can you talk about the Tim Burton movie, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children?
It’s a complicated story. I play an obscure Mary Poppins from the forties. It’s not an evil character at all. She protects 12 children from the outside world and there’s some peculiar circumstances. It’s very beautiful. Very poetic. I’m in the middle of the shoot, it’s very stressful. I just finished Penny Dreadful.


In Penny Dreadful you play a very spiritual character, do you identify with her?
Yes, in that sense yes. I was always a very spiritual person. When we play a character we do a lot of research and that open a lot of doors. I believe in something but I don’t know what that is but there are strange things (she opens her eyes in suspense).


Would you like to play a simpler character?
If was something like Team America, funny, yes, why not? I would love to play a blonde Californian. It would be fun.


But you prefer the more dark characters?
I don’t want to be labeled. What does dark mean, anyway? There’s many colours in darkness. I just want to say that it’s more complex.


What is the most challenging in playing characters like Vanessa?
It’s the most demanding and scary character I have ever played. Have you seen it?


Some episodes, yes.
See it! It goes beyond your imagination. I feel like I have to protect myself. I like to play meaty extreme characters but this one goes beyond the normal…


Did your mother influence your career?
I grew up watching her movies. She wasn’t happy with the idea of me becoming an actor because she knows that it’s a mad job and it can be very hard. We all are vulnerable and you need to be strong. But now she travels with me, gives me lots of support and we rehearse my lines, it has improve her English (laughs). It’s great.


Where do you feel at home?
In London. I love Europe but London is my home.


What is your favorite musician?


If you were a hotel which one would you be?
The L’Hotel in Paris and Oscar Wilde would die in my arms.


And if you were a film?
Anyone that was directed by Tim Burton.


If you were an animal?
A bird that flies long distances, very high and probably alone.


Favorite sport?


I love to go to the movies, to the opera, go for long walks and eat in good restaurants.


With whom would you like to be in the elevator?
That is a dark secret.


Why did you choose a beauty brand to be the spokesperson?
As an actor, hair is very important and it’s very exposed to dyeing and heating so to keep it healthy is a big worry. L’Oréal Professionnel has an answer for all my needs, treatment, styling, colour, everything.


Do you have any favorite hairdresser?
For my films, I work with the wonderful Orla Carrol and when I need to dye my hair, I ask the team of L’Oréal to recommend me a salon in the town I’m in.


What’s your beauty daily routine?
Recently I discover the Pro Fiber from L’Oréal and I admit I can’t stop using it. The effect is different from all other products I used and it lasts long. My style is different if it’s for a movie or an event. Cleaning and hydrating the skin is vital. My work implies a lot of traveling and keeping my skin healthy is important.


Which ones are your favorite products?
The BB Creme de La Roche-Posay, almost everything from SkinCeuticals , mainly the Ceferulic and Emolience- Cream.


What is your beauty golden rule?
Drink plenty of water, vegetables juices and keep my hair healthy.


What would you take to a desert island?
The Mythic Oil from L’Oréal Professionnel to keep my hair shining, a lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent, a Swiss knife and a cellphone.


And what do you have in your purse?
A package of Tic-Tac, lip balsam and a hair brush -that’s essential.


How would you arrange your hair on a date?
In a relax and natural way.


And on a night out with friends?
I can be bolder and sometimes I use the Wet Domination Shower Shine. I love the dramatic look.


Which are your favorite designers?
The big ones like Elie Saab, Chanel, Dior, Saint Lauren Paris. I also love Rick Owens, Riccardo Tischi, Alexander McQueen and Galliano.


And your favorite places in London, Paris and New York?
I love the Smithfield Market, Primrose Hill and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In Paris, I like to go to the flea market in St Ouen, the gardens of Luxembourg and the Notre Dame altar. In New York, I love to stay at the Lowell Hotel and to walk on Mercer Street and the East Village.

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