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The best way to shake things up.


New York, around 1872. Campari and the shaker (patented in the Big Apple in that year) were invented at almost the same time and soon became a twosome. Perhaps this is why together they create something special.


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November: Rosa Bianca


2 Responses to “Eva Green Introduces Campari Shaken For Campari’s Mythology Mixology (December 2015)”
  1. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    These drink features are always so fun to watch. Keep them up Eva! <3

  2. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Also, JUST in case no other bits of Xmas-related news come up here in the next couple of days, let me just say: Merry Christmas Eva Green, you magnificent woman! 😀 Hope your holidays are full of cheer and joy.