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4 Responses to “Eva Green’s W Screen Test with Lynn Hirschberg for W Magazine”
  1. lisa Says:

    She’s so cute I adore her!!! I cant wait to see all her new projects!!! I’m so excited to watch her work and grow and I wish her all the best!

  2. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Such a truly talented actress <3 The fact that she really is so shy in reality, yet can play the roles she picks, is even further proof of just how brilliant and charismatic she is ^^ Love you, Eva.

  3. Jackie Says:

    How dare you be so damn perfect! Also, sorry babydoll you are other worldly in the most fabulous of ways. I’ll flip tables at anyone calling you weird. I’d watch you play a mop because that would be the most interesting damn mop I guarantee it. Who cares about being good with boys cause no boy is worthy (sorry fellas) There is no need for therapy you simply love your craft and your craft adores you. It’s clear in the way your relationship continues to blossom. Jack Nicholson rather he be Shining Jack or Terms of Endearment Jack is, epic. Im always so in love with the fact that you hate drama. It’s refreshing. As always thanks for representing woman of our generation so flawlessly and with impeccable designer jackets 😍 and meaningful characters. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you make me proud to be female daily. Good luck you sweet sweet lady!


  4. Valenty Says:

    Dear Eva,
    I consider your be shy, one of the beautiful parts of you, as woman. I adore u a lot. Your be funny is lovely, contagious. 🙂 ^_^
    For your B Day, I wrote u a poem and I am writing here respecting 3 lines giving space to others .

    …. The stars seem speak about you and
    I listen them poetic melody,
    dreaming a Princess near me,
    feeling you protected and warm.
    Your eyes look the sky
    as mine everynight
    opening into me a hope.
    A Princess with wings comes on my site and,
    when I find myself in her eyes,
    I find your deep eyes sky colour
    giving me chills.
    I understand so that
    you’re trapped in my heart.
    I commend my soul to yours giving you
    the immagination of a better world,
    intense sense of love and protection.
    I hold your hand always,
    but you can’t see me,
    so in your sad moments I am holding your hand,
    I give you my heart to hear you,
    hearing your fears,
    caressing your face,
    drying your tears,
    all my confort for to see your eyes happy.
    We live in two world so far,
    but, I confess you that
    we are united in my heart .