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Birthday Banner 2016


EvaGreenWeb, its staff and the fans from around the world would like to wish Eva and her twin sister Joy a very Happy 36th Birthday!! We wish you both lots of love, blessings, wisdom, success and happiness!!!

Here’s a video of Eva speaking fondly of her sister Joy from Lynn Hirschberg’s W Magazine Screen Test:


For this occasion, Eva penned this special tribute for her sister and she’d like to share it with you all!

Eva Green-Joy Green-Marlène Jobert-1984

My sister Joy, the sweetest creature on Earth. Full of heart and integrity.
I just adore her. Beyond words….
I found this photo recently and…I just want to eat her cheeks…She looks like a little Angel….

Feel free to leave your own birthday greetings (in English or French) for them on the comments section (you may mention your country). Kindly limit your message to 3 lines in consideration to other fans.

Out of respect to Eva’s wish for the photo to be an EvaGreenWeb Exclusive, we ask everyone not to take the photo without proper permission or consent from Eva Green or EvaGreenWeb.com. Thank you.

188 Responses to “Joyeux Anniversaire Eva et Joy !!!”
  1. Maisha Says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire à vous deux! All the best, love and happiness to two awesome twins! 🤗
    Have a great day! 💝

  2. @ChukwuyemU Says:

    Happy Birthday Eva Green 🎁

  3. Isaac Says:

    Berny Happy this and all days Eva, I Love You just like you are….

  4. Leann Jones Says:

    Happy Birthday to you both. May this year be filled with love & happiness and may all your dreams come true!!

  5. Lorène Says:

    Joyeux anniversaire Eva; ma muse depuis Dark Shadows. J’ai grande hâte de te retrouver dans le prochain film de Burton, il va s’en dire que votre duo est fabuleux. Je t’embrasse fort de Bourgogne ! Profite bien de ta journée !

  6. Antigonus Says:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Green!

  7. Mariano Coto Corrales Says:

    Since I found your particular and gracious talent and essence, I can’t get you out of my hear. Dear Eva, I became so intimate with Vanessa that I was able to cry for the first time in years because of any audiovisual material. I really thank you for her.
    I am so antsy to see you play Miss Peregrine.
    I wish you and Joy every possible wish for a bright and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    With my finer feelings,
    Mariano xx

  8. Anya Says:

    “Happy Birthday Eva! Thank you for constantly inspiring me with your beautiful nature on screen and off. And for inspiring me to act, and to have no fear of going too deep into the psyche of the character. I hope you and Joy have a great day!!

  9. Rosa van Zonneveld Says:

    Dear Eva and Joy, happy birthday! I hope you both had a wonderful day. Eva, I can’t put into words how much you mean to me. I really hope to meet you one day, maybe if I ever become an actress myself, which is my dream. Bisous ❤

  10. Rosanna Says:

    Wishing Eva and Joy a wonderful birthday! Hope you both had a lovely day. Thank you, Eva, for sharing your immense talent wih us. Looking forward to Miss Peregrine 🙂 -Rosanna, from Finland

  11. Laila Miranda Says:

    Eva and Joy, I hope you’re having the happiest of birthdays. I’m sure The Earth had become a more colourful place the minute you were born.
    Eva, you’re a gift to this world and immensely important to our generation, specially for us girls. Your talent and grace inspire us, fans from all over to world, to be big. I’m lucky to wake up every day and remember I have such a figure as you to look up to. Your acting is remarkable and I’m proud to say that amongst all the amazing actors we have you’re on the top of my list. And not only because of your crazy gifted skills, but also because of your marvelously elevated apirit.
    I genuinely love you and all you represent. Happy birthday from Brazil! ❤

  12. Idfwolf1967 Says:

    Happy Birthday, Joyeux Anniversaire Eva et Joy. Mazel Tov and wishing you both love, health, and a myriad of blessings. And Eva Green a MUCH deserved Emmy for Penny Dreadful!

  13. Allyson Ponce Says:

    Happy Birthday to the twins, I hope both can spend a fantastic day.

    Eva, thanks for giving us the gift of Vanessa Ives.

    Greetings and good wishes from Chile!!

  14. Esteban Says:

    Happy birthday to you and your sister! Maybe its a “cosmical” coincidence but today is the Dalai Lama birthday as well, hence yout interest in the Himalayas… Saludos from Costa Rica.

  15. Angelique Says:

    Eva, my darling, I wish you love above all. Love is most important. I hope that at one time I will meet you. My daughter will have name Eva 😉 Irmina Eva.
    The most faithful fan in Europe – Angelika from Poland

  16. Elle Says:

    Happy b-day darlings, I hope you two are having a great day! Eva, I dont even know you (in person) but I like you a lot, thank you for being such a big inspiration! Xoxo, from Brazil.

  17. Maria Says:

    Happy birthday girls! Joy, hope you have a wonderful day with your beloved ones, Eva, thanks for being an inspiration and remain true to yourself…shy quiet People have the loudest minds! Oh yes…and have a wonderful day wherever you are! Blessings, love and light always. Best wishes from México!

  18. Cristal Floyd Says:

    Happy Birthday Eva and Joy! I just wanted to wish you the best. And for you Eva, you’re my muse, my inspiration, my everything! I love you as an actress and as a person. You’re beautiful, amazing, funny, everything! My idol and the woman who as I want to be. I love acting but I’m so shy and knowing you is being easier to me to follow my dreams. Thank you muse, THANK YOU EVA!

  19. Diana Says:

    Dear Eva Green and Joy I wish you a happy birthday with lots of love and peace. Eva you are a a wonderful person and extremely talented actress, you deserve all good things! Diana, Brazil

  20. Person Says:

    Happy birthday Eva

  21. Scott from Northern Ireland Says:

    Mes belles fleurs! Eva, vous allez me manquer dans le rôle de Vanessa mais j’attends pour Miss Peregrine. Eva et Joy sont les femmes les plus magnifiques dans le monde entier!❤️💙

  22. Dazz Says:

    Happy birthday Eva and Joy! May your day be full of love and light, on this day and every other this year.

  23. Caitlyn Says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you and your sister! You have been an inspiration to me, and have inspired me to start acting again. Thank you for everything!

  24. Reyna A. Says:

    Hello beautiful Green Twins i wish you a very very Happy B-Day, a lot of love and good vibes.. Eva i love you so so so much i wish you all the best in this world because you are a gorgeous human being.
    Saludos from Mexico.
    Lets celebrated with some Tequila.. Salud! ☺😏

  25. Lorenna Smeldra Says:

    Happy birthday for you and Joy! Wish the best for both always… you inspire me beyond words! Besos from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  26. Emma Says:

    Happy birthday Eva! You’re a wonderful and very inspiring actress!

  27. Lana Says:

    Eva, wish you (and your sister) the best that life can give! Want you to know: you aren’t weird, just a mysterious and lovely woman. Kisses from Brazil xx

  28. Ethan Says:

    The Green Twins,
    Wishing you two a day full of laughs and happiness. I wish I could’ve wrote this sooner (just returned from a camping trip in the mountains; no cell service). HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVA AND JOY !
    Ethan Logan Hacherian
    Greetings from New York City !

  29. Daniel Says:

    Happy birthday eva

  30. Ricardo Says:

    Happy birthday Eva! Hope that you and your sister are having a good time and thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with the world! Sending you a big hug from El Salvador!

  31. Shelby Says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Eva! I hope your year is full of love, adventure, and happiness. Thank you for being such an inspiring human being! I adore you and wish you all the best in everything you do. xx.

  32. Margarita Says:

    Happy birthday, dear Eva and Joy! Wish you a good year full of love and happiness! From Russia with love ❤️

  33. Hannah Says:

    Happy birthday today Eva and Joy

    Hope you both have a fantastic birthday

    Love Hannah from Australia

  34. Kent Brocks Says:

    To Eva with Love❤️ (See above)

  35. Linn Christina Says:

    Happy birthday to you Eva! I was going to send this yesterday, but i forgot.. Hehe sorry for that! I hope you had a good day, hugs from me!! / Linn, sweden

  36. Javier Says:

    To: Eva and Joy from a puertorrican admirer. Happy birthday sweeties

  37. Junior Says:

    Happy birthday Eva and joy ❤️

  38. Ian Says:

    This is late, so I’ll leave a message instead: In life, there are people who shine through their eyes, presence, and realm, they’re known as Earth Angels. Some of them look for something more, others get inspired by them. But they never fail to amaze us. Hope the day was remarkable!