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Eva Green is inviting you all to be part of finding a cure for Dylan and other children affected with MSD by spreading the word and donating to help them have a chance at life.

Dylan Finglas is a happy, beautiful 4 year old Penny Dreadful family member (Dylan’s father Alan is a Standby Carpenter on the show) whose quality of life has been affected by the clinically devastating rare fatal disease called Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency or MSD. Children with this condition are missing essential enzyme activity for normal cellular functions. Over time, cells in their bodies, including brain cells, clog up and become toxic. This results in devastating effects on the whole body and the central nervous system. MSD leads to years of pain, severe disability and ultimately death – usually before 10 years of age. This condition affects both genders and all races in every country around the world. It is estimated that around 1 in 1000 people carries the recessive gene for this disease.

Gene Therapy at The Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine in Italy has successfully stopped MSD in lab tests. Funding is critical and urgently needed to push clinical advancements to human stages as soon as possible. There are many research areas that need funding to advance. Every donation counts to save Dylan and all children with MSD around the world. Time is of the essence in order to treat these children before significant symptoms of the condition progress. Your kindness will change lives!

For more information on Dylan & MSD and to send a donation, visit www.SavingDylan.com. Follow Dylan’s story on Instagram at @savingdylan. Kindly use the hashtag #SavingDylan when posting on social media platforms.
UPDATE: The kindness you’ve shown Dylan and children affected with MSD has been overwhelming that SavingDylan.com went down at one point. But don’t fret, it’s now back online and up and running! Alan, Dylan’s father, informed us that they are beyond grateful to Eva and everyone who has helped them on their cause. Please don’t stop. Continue to spread the awareness on MSD and if you can, donate. Thank you very much to everyone!

9 Responses to “Eva Green Is Asking For Your Help in #SavingDylan”
  1. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    This is SO sad to hear 🙁 God bless you Eva, for contributing to this effort. Truly, you are an angel… <3

  2. Angelica Says:

    SO great of her to do that!! I’ll help and I hope others will help too, such an inspiring cause.

  3. Marta Says:

    What a great initiative! I’ve already donated and I’m telling other people too! xx

  4. SymphonyAngel917 Says:

    Donation made and link passed along. Godspeed for a cure for Dylan.

    P.S. You look great Eva. I hope you are enjoying a rest between projects. Keep us all posted on your endeavors. xo

  5. G Says:

    @Angelica @Marta @LordPendragonOfCaria @SymphonyAngel917 Thank you for your kindness and donations, guys. Keep spreading the word!

  6. Carolina Says:

    @Carolina and it’s absolutely great of everyone who donated and didn’t comment 🙂

  7. Patricia L. Says:

    Great initiative! I helped it too, and a shout out to all the others who did. 10 of my friends donated.

  8. G Says:

    @Patricia L. Thanks for your and your friends’ donations!

    @Carolina Indeed 🙂

  9. Angelique Says:

    this so sweet of Eva to do! keep us posted on Dylan and I’ll do my best to donate! Eva truly is an angel among people and we don’t deserve her<3