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Today is EvaGreenWeb’s 13th year anniversary and Eva surprised us with a recorded greeting, a lovely message and an adorable funny selfie !!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our family sites, affiliates, content contributors and staffers through the years. Your loyalty, support and contributions for the betterment of this website and its affiliates is deeply appreciated and valued.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all our visitors and followers who continue to trust and follow us. Your unfaltering passion and unabashed candor makes the Eva Green fandom a fun, open and giving community.

A big thank you also goes to Miss Green’s management for always being gracious to us.

Lastly, to Eva and Joy, thank you for your kindness, friendship and fun surprises ! You two are the sweetest, most affectionate, considerate and sincere women to get to know and look up to. You make everything worth it. Keep being you.

With love and sincerity,
M, Stef, G, Eden and Jackie

34 Responses to “Eva Green Sends a Greeting for EvaGreenWeb’s 13th Year Anniversary”
  1. Maria Akriv Says:

    Eva you are amazing!!! Lots of love and kisses to you!!!
    Guys keep up the awesome work!! 😉

  2. Clayton Says:

    This lady is a charmer with a beautiful soul. Wondering and waiting what’s next on her agenda

  3. Sabrina Says:

    What a sweet gesture! I adore Eva so much as an actress and as a human being and you guys (the staff of Eva Green Web) are doing such an amazing job. Happy anniversary!

  4. Alex Erre Says:

    What can i say, you guys are the best “fan web” and this because you are much more than a “fan web”. Thanks to you, now i know that my favorite actress is an incredible human being. Thanks to your work i know now about her “tips” that really changed my life. (i watched “cowspiracy” and now i’m a vegetarian, i watched “the lobster” i read “the shadow of the wind”) a documentary, a movie, a book, these and others things that Eva and you share with us are not simple things, they are experiences. So, thanks again, for your works and for all these beautiful trip full of new experiences.

  5. Natanon R. Says:

    Thank you for everything you do for all Eva Green Fans #HappyBirthDayEGW 🙂

  6. Vucka Says:

    Happy Anniversary, guys! You are absolutely amazing! A huge THANK YOU for everything that you’ve been doing all these years and thank you for keeping us updated. Keep rocking!!!
    Best wishes from Serbia. ❤

  7. keyla Says:

    felicidases a la pagina excelente trabajo !!!

  8. Priscilla Says:

    Congratulations!! 13 years of a fantastic job, giving us, fans, all the news about Eva. Thank you so much, girls!! Wish you another 13 years and much more sucess. You deserve this and much more! And thank you Eva, for being such a inspiration!

  9. Myra Imran Says:

    This has got to be the best surprise ever! Congratulations EGW. Thank you for everything that you do ; from keeping us all updated to being absolutely generous, you do it all. Love you!!

  10. Nicole Says:

    Eva, you are the sweetest person. I’m so proud to be part of such an amazing fandom.

    Happy Anniversary EGW!! Thank you for keeping us fans updated on all things Eva. ❤

  11. Olga Zamora Miguel Says:

    Congratulations!! @EvaGreenWeb 13th Year Anniversary & EvaGreen thanks for exist !!
    Greatings from Mexico City 🎉
    cheers 🍸

  12. Autumn Castellanos Says:

    Glad to know our words lift your faith! And nice to see that you’re getting better with technology hahaha it’s lovely to hear your kinda words more often.

  13. Philius Says:

    Here’s to 13 more! Happy Anniversary, EGW! Can’t believe Eva called it ‘our website’. Been on here weekly since 2006! Thank you for representing EVA in the best light possible, with respect, decency, passion and care. WE love you xx

  14. Andrea Tata Says:

    congrats to you all! your widespread recognition is so well-deserved, and your work with this site brings out the passion of all of its visitors. Eva’s communication with you is just one of the things that makes this site so special 💙 thank you for all of the hard work you do

  15. Mac McCord Says:

    Thank you for being you and inspiring the world!

  16. Maithe Says:

    Eva, you’re definitely the best artist we can be proud to say we’re fans. You are unique, you are the best. And seriously, your voice has the power to hypnotize!

  17. Maithe Says:

    EGW Thank you for everything! We do not have the Eva here on social networks, but we have you.

  18. Amelia Says:

    Eva & Joy – thank you for trusting EGW as the vessel to connect us fans to you. The compassion and love you have in your voice for EGW warms my heart. You are completely right about the people of EGW, they are some of the best people I have ever met. I’m so happy for the relationship you have with EGW. Cheers to having a pre-teen, and I hope in the future to see more fun and involvement with what your website (‘our website’ – so incredible!) in the years to come! – xo Amelia

  19. Alexis Says:

    Thank you for being the most unique, self-loving, funny and talented human being ever!!

  20. Clara Says:

    aw Eva is truly the cutest sweetest human being, how can anyone not love her? ❤ anyway happy 13th year anniversary EGW! even though i’ve only been a fan of Eva for a short period of time i really appreciate everything you guys at EGW have been doing like updating us on whatever’s going on with her 🙂 i’m so happy that Eva recognises your effort and never stops supporting you guys, i love how she actually communicates with us through y’all and that just makes our community extra special. she’s honestly such a wonderful woman ✨ thank you all again and keep doing what you’re doing!

  21. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    This is SUCH a lovely little gift <3 Bless you, Eva, for all that you've done; both for us here and EGW and to the entire world, from your acting to your care for the environment. And to EGW, thanks for providing us with so many wonderful stories, pictures and much more. Happy 13th Anniversary! 😀

  22. mark ryan Says:

    The Most Beautiful Person There Is………..Great Actoress and Love that She Loves Animals

  23. Simone Says:

    Eva, I am just in awe of you. Evagreenweb.com congratulations on 13 years!! You guys are the best

  24. CM Hedberg Says:

    To modify a fabulous quote said by the endearing Eva as Miss G in ‘Cracks’: “[EvaGreenWeb] sets the standard!”

    EGW does indeed set the standard as the most dedicated, respectful, insightful and beautiful web spaces for admirers of all-things Eva. Thank you ever so much to the EGW team for all their passion and hard work to keep the site so vibrant for over a decade.

    And to the lady herself … Eva, thank you for continuing to share you love, laughter and light – keep being the inspiring heart and soul that you are!

    All the best,

  25. SymphonyAngel917 Says:

    Very blessed and grateful to have found this site. Tremendous love and best wishes to all of you. Eva, it’s an honor to be you fan. xo

  26. Fatrix Says:

    I luv you honey,
    Sending my all beautiful kisses for you..

  27. Jenny Says:

    Oh you guys.. what can I say.. you’re doing an amazing job on the website and I am really looking forward to see more of your great work.
    Happy anniversary to you!!
    And to Eva, my lord you are the sweetest, loveliest goofball on earth.
    You all make me smile everyday and I want to thank you for that.
    Cheers 🍻 💖

  28. RainbowSparkles Says:

    Happy birthday to this site! Thanks for always bringing us all this up to date information. Not just info, but the way you present it is stunning! Keep up the good work!

    To Eva: I have only recently watched the Miss Peregrine movie (after which I went back and watched your other movies as well). You are a brilliant actress! Your characters are all so different and complex. I would like to thank you for a different kind of gift that you gave me. You see I am extremely introverted and sensitive and actually quite weird. People tend to constantly remind me of these things and they see them as a weakness. I understand you are an introvert too. It gives me hope that introverts can “make” it in this world! Thank you for being such an inspiration! May you be blessed!

    Lots of love from South Africa

  29. Lisa Says:

    I love her, she’s a sweetheart and super talented!

  30. .Rooz Says:

    This is so amazing, I can’t believe that for like 10 years this is already my starting page for the internet. I don’t react much, but I read everything that is posted here. Keep up the great word guys! I am very proud of you <3

  31. np001 Says:

    Eva has proved time and again that she is not only a fantastic person but a lovely person and a great human being! And she loves her fans too! Merci Eva!

  32. Greg McMahon Says:

    Congratulations on your 13 Anniversary of EvaGreenweb.com. Thank you to all the very talented people who run this very amazing website.We all are very lucky to have a fan for all Eva Green fans like this.I love all things on this Eva Green fan Website.I really love the exclusive questions and answers with Eva Green .Thank you Eva Green for making time for the exclusive questions and answers on the evagreenweb.com Thank you Eva making time for the other answers and question on the evagreenweb.com two. I love the fans art of Eva.Thank you Eva Green and thank you too Eva her twin sister Joy.For making time to send a photo with a amazing message of Eva to the evagreenweb.com. Thank you Eva for making time to make a recorded greeting message on the 13 Anniversary of the evagreenweb.com . Thank you Eva Green for always being one of most sweetest human being.Eva you play any type of character amazing.Eva you really did a excellent job playing Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale.You did a excellent job playing Morgan in Camelot.

  33. Gregory McMahon Says:

    Eva Green thank you for making time to a sending recorded greeting on 13 Anniversary of evagreen.com.Thank you too the all very talented people who run this amazing website for all the Eva Green fans.It’s one of the best website for Eva Green fans.Thank you Eva making time two answering questions for this evagreenweb.com
    Eva Green thank you for being so cool and for being so down to earth.Thank you two Eva twin sister Joy.For making time two sending a very cool photo of Eva with a very sweet message on it to this evagreenweb.com. Joy it was very kind of you.Thank you Eva Green for being caming an Actress.
    Thank you for playing Vesper Lynd Casino Royale.Eva Green you can play any type of characters in TV or in Movies.You always do a excellent job bringing all the character you play too life.Thank you for making Morgan so amazing in Camelot.

  34. Shawnie A Says:

    Wow, you really are something special Eva. You’re an incredibly rare type of person who not only empowers others through words but also your own kindness and morals in respect towards how you commune with your fans and how you address world problems through charities and bring them to our attention. It truly is beautiful of you to recognise this amazing site – It allows me to keep up to date with my favourite actor!
    You have such a wonderful heart and soul, that is evident throughout the years even by someone so far away from you. I wish you and your fam all the best and hope for more roles like Miss Peregrine over the years (You deserve the very best as you exceed the best).

    Your big fan, Shawnie
    Newcastle Upon Tyne