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Eva Green has teamed up with Power: On to help bring electricity to the poorest villages in Africa. Over 1.3 billion people around the world do not have access to electricity. In Africa alone, 630 million people do not have access to this essential basic human need. Because of how technology has shaped the world, access to electricity has the power to change everything in one’s everyday life and future. Be one of the changemakers and add your voice and support for change, accessibility and equality.

Eva has narrated a special short film documentary directed by Antoine Bretillard which will be shown in advance on Monday 8pm Paris time, for early supporters of this noble initiative. If you wish to watch the short film and be one of the pioneer supporters of Power On, visit en.turnthepoweron.co and register with your email address.

4 Responses to “Be One of the First to Watch Power:On, a Short Film Documentary Narrated by Eva Green”
  1. Vicki Liu Says:

    What a great short film. The power of “power”. Beautifully filmed and narrated. It truly humbles you, and how you take something as “simple” as electricity for granted. I will definitely connecting in anyway I am able to help the vision of this project expand.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Great initiative, I’ve too already talked to my friends about it, the more people we talk to, the better. gret action!

  3. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Saw it yesterday <3 Definitely an uplifting film, and (of course) beautifully narrated by our dear Miss Green ^^

  4. Ian Says:

    When you look at everything as a whole, people often get overwhelmed by the numbers, it seems like one little of your action doesn’t help much; but it does. I saw a person once saying that there’s no point in taking refugees from that area, since Africa would double or triple the amount of citizens the following months and consequent years. We’re at the point where human lives became statistical numbers…. Once again, there’s much to say… In these times, where reality has become crazy, where the absurd in turn, became reality, the raw and simple truth that we humans and ways of life we’re faced with…. that’s when one should question what side they’re on. To which one is your action benefiting… Are you part of it, or you’re slowly enlightening yourself or others. Most people don’t reflect on those things, that most should – and rely on the opinions of those who seem to be familiar with them, superficially. Thus, often choosing the wrong side. If you play along, eventually you’ll fall along… Having struggled in my life, I guess I have an idea on how they might have felt. We need to ask ourselves if we want to make the same mistakes of the past? In helping, we ought to take responsibility.
    The good action, the true good one, will only be sincerely great, with a noble, and pure purpose behind it. It’s up to us to make a change; and the education of others plays a crucial role…. There are many things going on in the world that can bring society astray, but we must not lose the side that makes us human. To not let the good actions become obsolete, or isolated stances of deeds…. I too question if the progress we’re having so far is truly beneficial and needed, if it deserves to be called so, but that’s another topic for later.