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Eva had a busy day in Cannes yesterday. Her Saturday started with a 10:30am photocall session for D’ Après une histoire vraie (Based on a True Story), followed by a quick interview and an almost hour long press conference at 11:45am. She wrapped her day with a glamorous appearance at the red carpet with director Roman Polanski, co-stars Emmanuelle Seigner and Vincent Perez, composer Alexander Desplat and writers Delphine De Vigan and Olivier Assayas during the world premiere and Hors Compétition (Out of Competition) 6pm screening at the Grand Théâtre Lumière.

For the red carpet premiere, Eva was wearing Alexander McQueen’s silver sequin Shipwreck embroidery black tulle dress from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The dress features crashing waves made of embroidered silver sequins and a mixture of beads and finished with cascading bead and metallic fringes. Eva also wore heels from Rupert Sanderson and jewelry from Repossi (Serti Sur Vide earring and rings). She was styled by stylist Nicky Yates while her hair and make-up was done by Ken O’Rourke and Mary Wiles.

Based on a True Story will open on November 1st in France. International release dates to be announced.

7 Responses to “Eva Green in 70th Cannes Film Festival for D’Après une histoire vraie (Based on a True Story)”
  1. Maithe Says:

    Is unanimous: Eva was the best thing about Cannes, especially she next to Emmanuelle, the kiss and they holding hands, shows how the two really had a chemistry and how the film should show this in an intense way. At all times Eva, even shy, was brave. She was kind to the fans, really elegant from the moment she arrived in Cannes, in the interview and on the red carpet. We can say that day was HER DAY.And she shined. Was applauded as she deserved to be, was praised .. I noticed that on the red carpet she had a redness in her neck, but I sincerely hope that as soon as she got home, she felt fulfilled. We are all happy and proud of Eva! I hope she knows how she really is loved by the fans! And I also hope to see her more often, it’s rare these public appearances .. it was unexpected the kiss of Eva with Emmanuelle, she was shy about it, but I think she had fun too. Just proud of her. I’m sure if she had been nominated .. she would win. She is my biggest inspiration and I hope to see her always like that.. stunning.

  2. Bee333 Says:

    I watched all the movierelations form Cannes. I also watched interview in French despite I didn’t understand what they said. Eva was absolutely beautiful. I’m dissapointed only one thing – why didn’t journalists on the press conference ask her more? I would listen to her telling about the movie and cooperation with Roman Polanski.

  3. Bee333 Says:

    To add – I meant – I would listen to her telling more about the movie and cooperation with Roman Polanski. And sorry for made mistake in word disappointed 🙂

  4. LordPendragonOfCaria Says:

    Thanks for sharing all the great videos <3 Everything Maithe already said is SO true, how Eva truly stole the show at Cannes, by simply working her usual magic ^^ We love you Eva, stay awesome; and I look forward to when I can see this movie for myself! ^^

  5. Kasia Says:

    Reviews in Poland are very positive and I can almost never agree with American critics and French ones write in French so I don’t understand 😉 To conclude: I can’t wait to watch the film myself and have my own opinion 🙂

  6. Juliana Soares Says:

    I’m so proud of Eva! I’m also pride of being an admirer of hers, she’s awesome, and brave, and cute, she’s a real inspiration for me as a person and (future) actress! The clothes she wore were beautiful, I liked how at the day she wore something more simple, but at night she wore something more glamourous. I loved the funny poses/faces she did in the photos and the little kiss was too cute <3 . Emmanuelle admires her so much and I do understand why!

    I hope they release this movie in South America, I need to watch it on the big screen!

  7. Kasia Says:

    Found sth funny in one of the film reviews 😀 😀 😀 “The redeeming aspect of the picture is, without question, Green who you could watch change a light bulb, then rewind it, watch it again and still be blown away.” lol