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The film will open in France on November 1st. International release dates to be announced.

3 Responses to “Based on a True Story Sneak Peek”
  1. SymphonyAngel917 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s quite a treat to listen to Eva speak in her native tongue. 🙂 I do hope this opens somewhere in NYC or NJ. This is a sure fire cure for my raving Vanessa Ives withdrawl. Huge love and luck to the cast and crew.

  2. Angelique Says:

    amazing! To będzie cudowny film!

  3. Juliana Soares Says:

    Eva speaking her mother language is delightful! I hope they bring this movie to Brazil, I really want to watch it. It appears to be an amazing and interesting story, also kinda deep and even “dark” at some matters. I NEED to watch it!

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