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EvaGreenWeb, its staff and the fans from around the world would like to wish Eva and her twin sister Joy a very happy 38th birthday !! We wish your every day of the new year to be filled with lots of laughter, success and love !

You can leave your own birthday greetings (in English or French only) for them on the comments section. You may mention your country. Kindly limit your message to 3 lines in consideration to other fans. For fans who wish to share their fan arts, kindly upload your fan arts to a third party hosting site and provide the link with your greetings, or send us a private message on Instagram so we can add them to our Instagram stories. Thank you.

81 Responses to “Joyeux Anniversaire Eva et Joy !!!”
  1. joyce Says:

    Happy birthday!!! I’m not too much of a good writer but I hope this short message sends all of my best wishes for the Green sisters!! I love love love you soooo much!!!!!!!!

  2. Marijan Petek Says:

    Dear Eva, dear Joy!
    I wish you a happy, happy birthday. I do hope you’ve a wonderful day with your friends and families.
    Wishing you both a lot of health and joy in life. To

    @Eva: many interesting roles and projects.
    @Joy: many liters of good wine.

    Regards from Germany
    Marijan xoxo

  3. Jay Says:

    Dear Eva, I’m so grateful to be here in the earth in this day, this special day, it’s your birthday!!!!! 💓 I’m a fan of yours and you’re like a inspiration to me, I admire you and you’re work very much! I hope you have a brilliant, wonderful, happiest day, I wish for you a lot of happiness and good things. I love you Eva! And for Joy, have a good day too baby, with your family and friends. Happy birthday 💝

  4. Pear Says:

    Happy birthday, you beautiful soul! Happy birthday, Joy! You inspire me everyday through your movies. When life intersects art = Eva Green. I could talk about how amazing you are for days, but you already know it. Thank you for making my days better and for letting me find parts of myself in every character you play. Lots of love to both of you.
    P.s. Joy, I can’t wait to drink some of that wine of yours. Promise I’ll buy some bottles when I go to Italy this summer.

  5. Mylee Gray Says:

    Happy Birthday to you both! I hope you two have the most amazing birthday yet! And thank you, Eva, so much for being such an inspiration to us all. Your personality, talent, and beauty are truly inspiring. I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments and I can’t wait to see what all this year brings for you both. Love you lots! Xoxo

  6. Vucka Says:

    Dear Eva,
    Happy Birthday!! Thank You for being such an inspiration and a role model, please NEVER CHANGE! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Sending lots of love and best wishes all the way from Serbia. 🙂

  7. Kellie Says:

    Happy Birthday to my favourite brunette, you are now the same age as me (fellow 1980 baby) hope you have a lovely day and thanks for entertaining me regularly xxx

  8. Viorel Says:

    Happy Birthday,Eva and Joy! My wishes for you,Eva:excellent collaborations with good directors and screenwriters, major roles in high-value films,special moments with your dear ones.

  9. Beatriz Says:

    Happy Birthday to the most incredible twins i’ve ever seen in my life! You deserve the best!
    To you, my lovely Eva:
    Thank you so much for being an amazing and honest person. Thanks for being so nice with your fans and being an inspiration to me and women all over the world! Finally with all my heart, thanks for helping me and my twin sister make our dream come true(having a picture signed by you)!
    To you, my adorable Joy:
    Thank you for all the support you give to your sister, thanks for the huge help given to this amazing website! You are without a doubt, an amazing sister!
    To both of you, Happy birthday from your biggest Portuguese fans! Million of kisses from the twins Beatriz and Catarina! <3

  10. Sophie Says:

    Joyeux anniversaire!! 💞 You’ve inspired me to start learning French and I enjoy it a lot 😄 More importantly though, your performances helped me so much when I needed it the most and they keep inspiring me every day. Thank you so much. Keep being amazing, all the best to you and your lovely sister (and sir Griffin ‘cause he’s just precious), Sophie from Poland 💖

  11. Greg McMahon Says:

    Happy Birthday Eva Green & Joy Green.I really hope you both have a wonderful birthday.

  12. Damir A Says:

    Happy Birthday to you both! I absolutely love your work. Have a nice birthday!

  13. Ksenia Says:

    Happy Birthday, Eva and Joy!
    Wishing you tons of good fortune and happiness!
    Thanks a lot for what you do!
    All the best to you and your family (special shoutout on this day to your mom and dad!)
    Ksenia from KAZ

  14. Oz Ali Says:

    Happy Birthday Eva & Joy! Wishing you both and your family the best in health wealth and good fortune for the coming year. My admiration for you has grown over the years and this humble artist is a huge huge fan of you and your amazing work. I will be doing a whole series of work on you, just because you’re absolutely amazing, humble, down to earth and a beautiful human being. Thank you.
    Much love and respect.
    Oz Ali (@ozaliart)

  15. Lara Adam Says:

    Dear Eva green 😍❤️🍒
    My name is Lara I’m from Algeria and I live in London because of my dads job we need to travel from country to country but now we settled in London. It was hard for me but you have always been my biggest inspiration my support and my true friend that I’ve never really had my Sister my love 😍 your movies and your passion about acting made me have a decision that I don’t want to go to a big law School or anything I just want to make my dreams come true and go to art school cause you taught me that So my beautiful lady thank you for every Second that you’ve dedicated to put the Smile 😊 tears fear in our faces happy birthday 🎁 I wish your whole life will always be filled with love 💕 and joy and Success and happiness.
    P.s Always Smile cause you have the most beautiful one in the world 😍😘

  16. Giulia Schmidt Says:

    Happy Bday, girls! You both deserve the best! Thank you for sharing so many important moments of your lives with us.
    PS: Brazil loves you!

  17. Roberto Says:

    Happy bday Eva and Joy!

    “One more” means… one more lovely film with one more bottle of good wine!


  18. Amy Says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you both are having an amazing day. I wish you all the happiness, healthiness and love you deserve. Thank you for existing!
    – Amy, Mexico City.

  19. Maïna Says:

    Feliz cumpleanos-HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls! Joy-enojoy a lovely day with some wine and eva-i hope your friends took you out to get wasted. Have fun be safe. ❤

  20. Maithê Says:

    Quel jour spécial. Eva et Joy, j’espère que ta journée a été unique, incroyable, comme tu le mérites. Que tous vos plus grands rêves deviennent réalité. Joy, meilleurs voeux! Eva, merci pour tout. Merci d’être exactement ce que vous êtes. Ma plus grande inspiration dans la vie personnelle et professionnelle. Tu m’inspires, j’essaierai d’être actrice un jour, un jour, j’espère pouvoir te connaître. Tu es incroyable. Tu es vraiment spécial pour moi. Je viens du Brésil et j’envoie toujours de l’énergie positive! Je t’aime Eva! Joyeux anniversaire! ⚘❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Kass Amorim Says:

    Happy bday My Queen, and ur sister for all for the group “Eva Green Kingdom” and Brazilian…
    Eva u are a angel if good to send to save.. Now i have you tattooed in my skin…
    U make my like shyne.. Thanks for all.. ❤

  22. Angel Says:

    Happy Belated birthday to the Green twins!!! ❤️

  23. Hannah Pavletich Says:


  24. Hannah Says:

    Happy 38th Birthday Today Eva and Joy. xxoo

  25. Hannah Says:

    Have a wonderful day, love to you both.

  26. Hyun Ji Says:

    Happy birthday Eva and Joy 👭 I wrote a congratulatory note last year, but I’ve already returned… Time really flies. Eva Green ! I am so happy to be your fan. I guess I’m really lucky 🍀 Over the course of a year, many things have happened to you and me too 🙂 Please let me know as soon as you decide on the address in France. I really want to send you a fan letter.. I am a college girl 18 years younger than you and You are the most special friend in the world to me ! I like you, I miss you, I love you. I don’t just like you externally. So you are like destiny to me 🕊 I fell asleep last night and now I’m writing 😂 Is there anything else I can say haha A placid smile , A deep low soft voice and A friendly touch ❣️ You are one of the best people I know truly. Have a healthy and nice day today love you ~~ ♥️

    — Hyun Ji Park, South Korea

  27. Amy Says:

    Dear Eva and Joy, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, Eva you are literally my idol and you inspire me everyday, thank you so much for making 2018 an amazing year for the Eva Green fandom, i love you so so much and thank you again for just being yourself,
    Lots of love from Ireland and Amy (evagreenbean) 🇮🇪💁🏼XX

  28. Bogdan R. Says:

    I’m late a bit but as you know the wizard never lates… I wish you both to have a tiny bit of good old magic in your everyday life. You showing people light in the darkest dungeons of our souls, I hope you find yours in this crazy world!

  29. Sophie Says:

    Dear Eva, here are some birthday edit links for you https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk4JHuKja_r/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1ncrx7txkg3uu and https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk5MIipjEso/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=bqld0xk1wu5n , I hope you had a great day 🙂

  30. Luke Says:

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  31. victoria? Says:

    Happy birthday