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Eva’s feature cover and editorial for InStyle Russia’s September 2018 issue has been added to the gallery. We also added an English translation courtesy of our contributor Irina. Thank you to InStyle Russia for providing the scans and to Irina for kindly translating the interview!

“Sky Jewelled With Stars”
Text written by Alexei Tarkhanov
Photos by Jason Kim
Styling by Oleg Tikhomirov

Eva Green flies higher and higher. Next year the actress turns into a trapeze artist in the circus and an astronaut at the International Space Station. Also, she became an ambassador of a well-known jewellery brand Bulgari. So, the roads led to Rome.

I nearly quarrelled with my children because of Eva. We couldn’t decide who loves her more and who has more rights for her. My daughter thought of the adorable “The Dreamers”, but my son referred to Serafina Pekkala as a fine specimen of a woman in “The Golden Compass”. On the other hand, I backed up Vesper Lynd from “Casino Royale” and Miss Peregrine from “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. My peculiar children wrote her letters and even tried to buy autographs online. However, I won.

Actually, I’ve met Eva Green three times already. The first time I talked to her in Salzburg eight years ago. She did her job well by answering all even awkward questions. Eva got used to long interviews after each new movie she appears on screen. Journalists want to know everything, how she sees her character, who her boyfriend is, and what cream she uses. Her manager Charles complained that day: “She always thinks she isn’t beautiful enough. She avoids interviews and journalists, who distract her with sweet questions and then ‘punch her in the face’”.

After that, when she wasn’t so busy, we had time to speak at the reception in the public garden, where she hid behind the bushes with a glass of water in her hand to avoid meddlers asking for another selfie with her. She seemed to be afraid of this, as if people were eager to tear her apart into pieces and carry her away in their cellphones.

This scene was practically repeated in Paris during a dinner party of some quite famous brand. Suddenly, Eva disappeared from the panel. I found her sitting at the back stairs exhausted and bored. Unlike other guests, she couldn’t just yawn and say: “I’ll go home. I didn’t sleep well at night.”

Now she’s in Rome in Hotel de Russie in its mysterious garden, where a lot of stars of the past Roman period left their traces. I tell her that probably a new age of cinema has just begun. Or it is better to say that the old era returned when people go to the cinema not to watch a new movie but to see a well-known actress. Dark haired Green is the same dark queen as Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren.

Eva doesn’t agree or disagree with me, but I can say she enjoys it. She has already played in “The Dreamers” a generalized character of many greatest actresses of the past. Yesterday at a photoshoot in the DOMVS Romana Museum on the second floor of the historical boutique Bulgari at via Condotti she was given the opportunity to wear jewelry which belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. “That made my day. That was something magical. The feeling of Baroque, the golden Era of Hollywood as you say… I was sitting in the same room where Taylor and Richard Burton were, when they were shooting “Cleopatra” in Rome. I felt that they’d just left.”

To her new role as the brand ambassador she refers with humor. “This is like starring in a movie. Bulgari has fantastic, cinematographic jewelry. When you wear it, it changes you dramatically. No need to be in dresses or shoes, you can wear this jewelry even naked.”

Hotel de Russie, Bulgari… the craft gets her in such places where the most prominent stars didn’t fall. For instance, once Eva appeared in a WellStore supermarket in a tiny village called Reiki, outside of Moscow with co-star Matt Dillon. A surrealist picture, isn’t it? The people in the supermarket were astonished: “What are they doing here?”

What were you doing there? What were you searching for? A beauty salon? Pastry? Fish or meat?
“A teddy bear and a bottle of vodka. No, we didn’t buy anything special. We were shooting there. But it was really funny.”

Eva Green will be starring in “Proxima” by French director Alice Winocour (She is also partly Russian. Her family is from Berdichevo). In Proxima, Eva plays an astronaut who is going through training in Star City to go to the International Space Station.

“We shot in Star City and then at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. We were warned that it would be extremely cold, but the weather was great. Every morning long before dawn, I liked to travel from Moscow to Star City, it’s so famous and mysterious. It was a pleasure to shoot where real astronauts train and to pick up a bit of Russian, to listen to music of your language.”

“Proxima” will be released next year as well as the new movie of Tim Burton.

I always thought they were made for each other. Eva could have played Edward Scissorhands in place of Johnny Depp. For several years now, Eva has been Burton’s muse. They met on the set of “Dark Shadows”. After a while, she received a call from him to play the most recognized of her roles of Miss Peregrine. She says she didn’t give it a second thought. She was ready to play anything in Burton’s movies “even a table or a lamp”, but played the leading role of “Scary Mary Poppins”, the one she really missed to meet during her school time.

Eva Green confesses that in childhood she was extraordinarily shy. It was a torture for her to stand in front of the class. “I have never been to my friends’ birthday parties I was scared of clowns at such events.” She took up theatre classes to get rid of the shyness. Now we see what this led to.

She will next be seen in Tim Burton’s “Dumbo”. Do you remember a Disney cartoon about an elephant which could fly because of the enormous ears and became a circus star? Of course, I’m eager to see a pink elephant march as depicted by Tim Burton, but who does Eva play there… a crow?

“I play a trapeze artist who helps Mr. Dumbo,” says Eva. “This is the same story about the elephant but from another perspective. This is a circus world. It is fantastic and spectacular. It was really difficult for me. I was lifted up to the big top and I’m extremely afraid of heights.”

I remembered the time when she refused to reshoot some scenes in “The Golden Compass” because of the phobia and asked if she had a stunt woman.
“I had a stunt woman but not everything in the movie could be done without you. Also, it is embarrassing not to do your job in front of the circus performers. They are special. The things they can do are at the brink of art and sacrifice. I bow to them, especially now, when I learned by bitter experience.”

At last, she isn’t a pretty witch! Not only in “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” but also in “The Salvation”, her princess in black dress doesn’t look like a rascal’s girlfriend but an alien from another planet.
“I play different parts but I would like to be a sorceress in real life and perform miracles sometimes useful and funny, sometimes evil. Directors, though, like to give you a cliché. ‘You look like an alien that came from another planet.’ But maybe I just came from the shop and brought some milk.”

It is great. Probably, this is why we like you.
“This helps me a lot. For example, I am another person on the red carpet because I’m pretty shy and timid and bruise quite easily. You may laugh but when I turn you into frogs, then you know.”

At the red carpet, Eva always plays her role of a star. “Of course, nobody understands what the difference is between me at some festival in Cannes and me in real life. I don’t wear high heels. I prefer comfortable shoes and clothes which don’t demand too much from me. The most important thing is to make myself feel free. Yes, and big sunglasses to keep distance.”

In this case I’m very interested how she buys clothes. What happens in the shop when Eva Green is in the fitting room? I can’t imagine. It’s beyond my imagination.
“There are Topshops in London where I can spend an hour and buy everything I need. I do it twice a year not more. I buy clothes I already wore or search for something online to purchase. It’s very convenient. I can’t spend too much time in shops. I begin to panic.”

Sometimes she thinks it will be a good idea to change her look. “To hire a stylist. At least to try something new because I wear the same clothes every day.” But in real life everything is fine. She’s been dyeing her hair black since her school years because she has fair hair. Eva has a twin sister Joy, who lives in Italy. She is ash blonde and a happy mother of two children. It’s like a back-up biography. “When you’re black as a crow it’s the first thing that people see. I can hide behind my black hair.”

I ask what else she is doing in Rome besides her Bulgari photoshoot. She says she eats and just enjoys it.
“I’m here for a few days and it seems to me that I’ve put on some pounds. What was the name of yesterday’s restaurant where we ate artichokes and squid? It’s a rather simple place but I don’t like others. There is a restaurant in Moscow that I adore. It is called “Uzbekistan”. In general, I look after myself, have trainings in the morning but then everything turns to crap. Can’t I indulge myself while travelling?”

Do you like travelling?
“It is my favorite thing to do. The farther the better – Sri Lanka, India, Africa. I like moving, can’t stay at one place for too long. I’ve been in Africa many times. I could watch animals for days.”

Crocodiles and hippos?
“Not necessarily. Birds and insects.”

Is it true that you collect insects?
“Yes, but I already have a collection so bugs and spiders are safe now.”

I ask Eva if she goes to the cinema. “I get angry there because people have forgotten how to watch movies.” Does she watch herself in movies? What for if her parents watch her. Her mother, Marlène Jobert, is an actress herself and played in the movies of Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Chabrol, Louis Malle. Her father, Walter Green, is a dentist. He had a dream for Eva to become a dentist too. Her first meeting with one’s fangs was in Hollywood where she prefers to shoot but not to live. She hates the fact that studios have control over the movies but not directors. People in Hollywood rides the taxi even to just go for a hamburger. She found the city suitable to her taste. It’s London. “I always loved London,” she says to me, “It was the best decision to live on my own. I didn’t abandon my parents. I love them. Now I live across the English Channel. Paris is wonderful with its magnificent architecture but there are not so many places where I could feel good. London has parks where you may walk for hours. People are also different here. They don’t judge you. I felt myself more mature in London.”

She was afraid that people would start thinking she had her roles because she was the daughter of Marlène Jobert. It’s not frightening anymore because now Marlène Jobert is famous because she is the mother of Eva Green.

Do you regret any roles you didn’t play?
“No, I don’t.”

What about those you’ve played?
“There is one, but I won’t tell you which. I don’t want to be impolite.”

So again, I have to argue with my children which role in Eva’s career is an odd one.

4 Responses to “Eva Green for InStyle Russia (September 2018)”
  1. Oz Ali Says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for publishing this and thanks to Irina for her kind translation. It’s so wonderful to read about the gentle sensitive real human Side to this amazing woman.
    Yes you are private and mysterious and beautifully humble. In your humbleness and broad minded approach you are ever more adorable.
    I hope you are truly recognised for the incredibly talented actress you are as much as you’re loved for your stunning beauty.
    I hope your next films are worldwide smash hits just to give you the recognition you deserve.
    I hope you’ll own one of my paintings of you by this time next year and make my dream come true too! With much love, respect and admiration.
    A humble artist and huge fan & admirer.
    Oz Ali

  2. Esteban Says:

    Thanks a lot for the translation. I really like the angle of the reporter to the story. Shows more of her human side and not just the “dark woman” cliche. I am fascinated by Eva’s dichotomy of being so private and a “public” persona at the same time…


    You are welcome! Enjoy Eva Green!

  4. Eleanor Radaza Says:

    I really miss Eva Green and her work. I am so glad you have posted this. It is definitely one of my favorite interviews now especially because the writer was a fan of Eva, herself. I cannot wait for her upcoming projects especially because 2018 was really just quiet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Also, I want to make a guess for her role that was the “odd-one-out”. Probably, Morgan Pendragon. lol. Camelot was just my least favorite from her work so I chose her.