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Our friend Thomas Perillon of Le Bleu du Miroir provided translations of parts of the press conference. You can follow Le Bleu du Miroir through their Twitter Page.
Have you read the original novel? Have you been inspired by it to write the script?
Tim Burton: I was, above all, interested in the simplicity and beauty of what is found in all the old Disney movies. What I like is this way of talking like a fable before drawing a visual inspiration. It was a strange film to shoot because it lacks, in the end, the main character. At the same time, I wanted to make it different from the original while keeping all its emotional heart: I had absolutely no plan to make a remake but, on the contrary, to propose a singular exploration of the history.

When you came to film, what did you feel when you saw the circus imagined by Tim Burton?
Eva Green: One of the first scenes we shot is where we were all in the car and where we were entering Dreamland. We had the luxury of working without any green screen discovering the set, extras, acrobats and jazz band. It was pretty amazing because we felt like we were going back to the Hollywood Golden Age.

What was the most difficult part of the movie for you? Overcoming your fear of heights or using your French accent to embody the character of Colette Marchant?
Eva Green: The fear of heights, of course. I learned that it was called acrophobia. I really thought I would never make it and I managed to overcome that fear with the patience and passion of the acrobats. Their passion is very contagious, I trained in a big tent where they all live together : they help each other, there is a great support and a love that is fascinating.

There is another very committed aspect with your character Colette, who emancipates from a toxic man. Is this a deliberate criteria in choosing your roles? When we look at your filmography, we realize that this is an aspect that is often present …
Eva Green: I do not choose a role by telling myself that it must be feminist but I like strong women and not submissive women. Women who have a story like Colette. Complex women who have courage, modern women. Colette Marchant was a typical artist from the Golden Age of Hollywood, very glamorous, that Vandevere (played by Michael Keaton) finds in the streets of Paris and that he transformed into a superstar by bringing her to Dreamland. She’s a beautiful bird in a cage that will eventually fly away.

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