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by Adolfo López
In order to enter the world of Dumbo, Eva Green not only had to transform herself into Colette Marchant, a French trapeze artist, better known in Dreamland as the Queen of the Heavens, to earn this title, the actress had to train for five months to become an aerial artist, despite her fear of heights.

“I had absolute terror, it was a real phobia, and I said at the beginning to Tim Burton – director of the film -: ‘I do not know if I can do my stunts’. But I trained with Katharine Arnold, who is an amazing aerial artist, and the choreographer Fran Jaynes, and they really helped me gain confidence and find the physical part of the character. ”

“It’s incredible to swing so high, spin around and do a strange choreography. It was a real challenge, and I am very proud of myself for that”, the actress explains in an interview facilitated by Disney to El Sol de México.

Like many, Eva Green grew up with the animated story of Dumbo, released in 1941 and awarded six years later at the Cannes Film Festival for its animation design. “I loved the story; the relationship between the baby elephant and the mother really marked me as a child. It is a very powerful and universal story, with which both children and adults can connect”, she recalls.

However, consider that the “Tim Burton version has a new and different point of view. He is a director who always brings many surprises, magic, humor and emotion. It’s still very moving. It’s such a powerful story, and I think the baby elephant will melt the hearts of everyone”, she says.

Eva Green is a recurring actress in the last productions of Tim Burton, because she has participated in the Dark Shadows film and as protagonist in Miss Peregrine’s Home of Peculiar Children. “He is an iconic director, a poet, who always brings a unique vision, and is perfect for this film, because nobody understands people who do not fit better than him. He understands vulnerable souls like Dumbo”, she explains about the filmmaker’s work in this film where Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito also participates.

That’s why Dumbo seems like a perfect movie to be told by the twice-Oscar-nominated director. “This is a very characteristic film by Tim Burton: it encourages you to accept your uniqueness, your individuality. You must not be perfect to be loved. And it also tells children that they must believe in themselves. If you believe in yourself, you can overcome any obstacle. It’s a very important message from Disney!”, she stresses.

In this film, the Golden Globe nominee for the Penny Dreadful series, paired with Michael Keaton, who plays Vandevere, the owner of Dreamland , the circus where Dumbo grows. “Michael is crazy in an adorable way. He is very charismatic and irreverent. I had to pinch myself. I thought: ‘My God, it’s Beetlejuice . Wow!’. It was hard for me not to distract myself and continue with my character”, she says.

But she also shared credits with Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Danny DeVito: “It’s a pleasure to work with him. He is so free. He is always having fun. It is a great inspiration. I’m very impressed with him. I wish I could be on the set every day because he exudes a lot of positive energy.”

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