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Thanks to everyone who shared links to the new trailer and to Sebastian for the screencaps.

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Thanks to Antigonus for the link.

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Thanks to Emma and Johnny for some of the new interviews.

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Thanks again to Sebastian!

Gallery link:
Behind the Scenes Featurette

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Thanks again for sharing the link, guys. 🙂

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Thanks to everyone who sent in links to the video. 🙂

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Meet the producers of the highly-anticipated, new Showtime Original Series Penny Dreadful, get a glimpse of the set, and learn what a penny dreadful is.

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These are admittedly small bits, but offer cool new looks at the Athenians and the Persians who will fight it till the death much like the Spartans and the Persians in the first film. These videos are a few seconds long each and appear as “intros” to the various sections on the official website. I have embedded them all below for your express enjoyment so that you don’t have to navigate from section to section on the official site. They contain no sound.

The action here looks grittier than the highly stylized one presented in 300. It looks more rain soaked, blood drenched and mud splattered and there seem to be more soldiers fighting on either side in bigger battle fields (and on ships of course). It also looks like Sullivan Stapleton, in a departure from his predecessor Gerard Butler, will use the bow and arrow too to slaughter the Persians rather than just a sword and spear. Bring on the action!


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Eva will be featured on one of the four covers of Vs. Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2013 issue, which will be on sale in the US in September. Eva’s cover was shot in Musée des Arts Forains in black and white. You can view a preview of the cover below. Thanks to Kev for the heads up!

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Thanks to Ashley.

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Complete Warner Bros Panel form Comic-Con 2013. 300: Rise of an Empire Panel starts at 0:45:00.

Thanks to both BigMan3000 and kelly.

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