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These are admittedly small bits, but offer cool new looks at the Athenians and the Persians who will fight it till the death much like the Spartans and the Persians in the first film. These videos are a few seconds long each and appear as “intros” to the various sections on the official website. I have embedded them all below for your express enjoyment so that you don’t have to navigate from section to section on the official site. They contain no sound.

The action here looks grittier than the highly stylized one presented in 300. It looks more rain soaked, blood drenched and mud splattered and there seem to be more soldiers fighting on either side in bigger battle fields (and on ships of course). It also looks like Sullivan Stapleton, in a departure from his predecessor Gerard Butler, will use the bow and arrow too to slaughter the Persians rather than just a sword and spear. Bring on the action!


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Eva will be featured on one of the four covers of Vs. Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2013 issue, which will be on sale in the US in September. Eva’s cover was shot in Musée des Arts Forains in black and white. You can view a preview of the cover below. Thanks to Kev for the heads up!

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The Salvation > On Set Footage

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Eva Green by Ellen von Unwerth from Ellen von Unwerth on Vimeo.

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Shortly after our interview ended, Eva Green returned to her home planet, happy and ridiculously hot.

I love people like Eva Green. I love actors who not only maintain a personal sense of style but who genuinely seem like they are tuned in to a private radio station, listening to music only they can hear. I love them because we often see that individual personality come out in their work in ways that no one could predict. They give performances that are alive in unexpected ways, and the films they are in are much richer for it.

Eva Green made a pretty serious impact on male moviegoers as soon as Bertolucci introduced her in “The Dreamers,” and there is no doubt… she’s a stunning woman. As she’s gotten older, though, what’s become increasingly clear is that she is not really equipped to be part of the machine. She’s been in some big films, sure, but I don’t get the sense that she has handed herself over, heart and soul, desperate to be a movie star.

Instead, she seems to following her own path, project to project, drawn to certain types of characters. Films like “Womb” and “Perfect Sense” aren’t designed to make her a superstar. Instead, these are movies actors do because they’re compelled by the material, because they like what the film has to say, or because of a filmmaker they trust.

When Green does show up in big films, she’s memorable. I think it was essential for whoever played Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale” to cast a big shadow even after she’s gone, a presence that would haunt Bond as he moves forward in the series. That’s Green in a nutshell. Say what you will about her, but “forgettable” is not a description people use about her.

In “Dark Shadows,” she plays Angelique Bouchard, the witch whose spurned passions kick off the entire thing, and she was in rare form when we sat down to discuss the movie at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The film opens Friday.


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300 star Rodrigo Santoro has clarified details about Battle of Artemisia, the much-anticipated follow-up to the original Spartan vs. Persian battle movie 300, which shot actor Gerard Butler to fame in 2006.

Rodrigo, who will be once more playing the role of Persian King Xerxes, confirmed that the movie is due to be shot this summer, and depict ancient historical events that took place alongside the storyline of its predecessor.

The actor told Collider: “I think they’re calling it a spin-off because it’s not exactly a prequel, it’s not a sequel. It takes place in the same time, you start a little earlier but then you see that it’s like a different point of view, a different camera, a different angle.

“While that battle was happening, the one that you saw in 300, there was another battle happening next to it and you will have a chance to see all of that happening and how they interact. I don’t want to ruin it.”

Rodrigo went on to reveal that this film will focus much more on his character’s childhood and how he became the Persian King: “I think they will try to do a little backstory on Xerxes and they will explain how he became ‘the God King’, which I’m excited about.”

He added: “I don’t know what it’s going to be. I’ve never played a character twice. It’s interesting. I think the challenging thing for me now will be to try to bring something new for the fans, for the audience and for myself just to make it interesting to play it again.”

The film is to be directed by Noam Murro, and it has already been revealed that Casino Royale actress Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton will be starring alongside Rodrigo in the Frank Miller graphic novel adaptation.

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