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M.   /   April 30, 2009   /   13 Comments

Thank you, mata! 🙂

My offline life has been keeping me beyond busy, so don’t take it personally if you emailed me and I didn’t reply yet or didn’t upload your eventual contribution. I really appreciate your feedback, visits and contributions! Don’t ever doubt it! 😉 I’ll try to reply when I can and if your email needs a reply. Hopefully I miss any. A robot would be very helpful right now. 😀

M.   /   April 06, 2009   /   26 Comments

Thank you, mata! 🙂

M.   /   March 01, 2009   /   7 Comments

The calendar wallpaper for March is available in the Fan Art gallery. A big thank you goes out to mata as usual! 🙂

M.   /   January 31, 2009   /   7 Comments

The calendar wallpaper for the upcoming month is available in the Fan Art section. A big thank you goes out to mata as usual! 🙂

M.   /   November 06, 2008   /   1 Comment

Inside the brand new issue of the Italian VANITY FAIR #45 12-11-08 there is a full page size photo of Eva Green (see the preview). If anyone can donate a scan, please email me! Francesca kindly sent me a scan! Thank you!

M.   /   October 30, 2008   /   2 Comments

Thanks to our lovely and talented mata! 🙂

M.   /   October 30, 2008   /   38 Comments

Lola informs us that there’s a new Vesper related clip of “Quantum of Solace” available for viewing online. Just forward to 1:00, it’s about 50 seconds long, and even in a tiny photo, Eva looks divine!

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

M.   /   October 14, 2008   /   25 Comments

Here are caps from the trailer:

I’m curious to see what our Fan Art artists will come up with! Please don’t hesitate to contact me to submit your art. And if I don’t reply, please resend your email. Sometimes I get so many emails that a few may get lost in the middle of the others.

M.   /   October 01, 2008   /   6 Comments

In the Fan Art section. Thank you mata! 😀

M.   /   September 14, 2008   /   15 Comments

As promised a couple of days ago, I’m putting the “Franklyn” behind-the-scenes available for download here at in Quicktime format. Thanks to HAS! 🙂

On-set Visit
Interviews with Gerald McMorrow and Sam Riley and bts footage

By the way, don’t worry because I’m working on other improvements for EGW very soon. Please have patience! 😉

M.   /   May 02, 2008   /   11 Comments

You already know who to thank for it: our awesome mata! 🙂

M.   /   March 30, 2008   /   17 Comments

You already know who to thank for it: our awesome mata! 🙂

M.   /   March 01, 2008   /   7 Comments

It’s this time of the month again and the talented and lovely mata brought us another Calendar page to grace our desktops. Thank you dear! 😉

M.   /   January 31, 2008   /   8 Comments

Thanks to the talented mata. 😉

M.   /   January 23, 2008   /   12 Comments

Thanks to the lovelies Irene and Olga from Eva Green Russia (a site that hasn’t been updated in months but still lives in my heart), we have captures and a video from a Russian news show about the BAFTA Orange Rising Star Nomination.

Eva has the amazing ability of making the funniest/silliest faces and still look gorgeous! Lucky girl!


Video (in Russian):