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Sundance Film Festival “Perfect Sense” interview

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Thanks to Aima for the link.

Perfect Sense trailer & exclusive clip

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Ian of Sigma Films sent me the below video earlier today. If you click on “more” you can watch an exclusive clip of Susan (Eva) and Michael’s (Ewan) first meeting in the film. There will be additional exclusive clips and featurettes released over the next 3 weeks as well. How exciting is that? Enjoy the new clip and the ones to come!

New Perfect Sense trailer

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Thanks to np001 for the link. :)

Eva Green talks “Perfect Sense”

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Thanks to Nausicaa for the heads-up!

“Travail: Dawn of a New Day” trailer

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Below is the trailer for Travail: Dawn of a New Day, an Indie drama by Raymond Deane starring none other than our very own Nikos! We wanted to help support his work and what better way to spread the word about the film than to share it here with you guys. Please visit film’s official site here and Facebook page here for additional information, photos and more. Enjoy!

New photoshoots, scans and video

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Click here to watch a video of Eva, Martin Campbell, Daniel Craig and other cast members from the November 17, 2006 Paris premiere of Casino Royale. Thanks to kev for the link.

Magazine scans > Glamour (France) – August 2011, thanks to kev
Magazine scans > Madame Figaro (France) – August 27, 2011
Photoshoots > Session #25
Photoshoots > Elle (2005)
Photoshoots > Gala (2007)
Photoshoots > The Observer UK (2007), thanks to kev

Perfect Sense at the Edinburgh Film Festival this weekend

Posted by Stef in Jun 17,2011 with 2 Comments

Perfect Sense will be premiering tomorrow at the Edinburgh Film Festival and there will be an additional showing on Sunday. Check out for more information including tickets, venues and more.

David McKenzie’s Glasgow-set tale of love in a time of apocalypse sees a welcome reteaming of Young Adam’s (EIFF 2003) director and star. Ewan McGregor is Michael, head chef at a swanky restaurant, and Eva Green the aloof epidemiologist who catches his eye, and who is hearing reports across Scotland (and the world) of people whose emotions are running wild – just before they lose their sense of smell. Then another sense fails … A timely tale indeed – of undeniable, and, ultimately, devastating power.

You can also find more information here on the film’s Facebook page.

Thanks to Ian of Sigma Films for getting in touch with us.

Camelot 1.09 preview

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Camelot 1.07 Sneak Peek 2

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Camelot 1.07 Sneak Peek

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Interview Magazine Alert

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Lovely visitors: thanks to you, Stef and I found out that Eva is featured in the new issue of Interview. While some scans can already be found online (thanks again to you!), we didn’t post them here because Stef bought a copy of the magazine herself, but didn’t have the time to make our own scans yet. But it’s coming in the new few days. Thanks for pointing it out to us! :)

Camelot 1.07 preview

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Camelot episode 1.06 preview

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Camelot episode 1.05 preview & sneak peek

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The Women of Camelot video

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You can also watch it here on YouTube if you run into any issues viewing it above. Look for HD screencaps to be added within the next few days as well.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I’ve officially joined the site as Mariana’s new co-web. A big thanks goes out to her for inviting me on board and a big thanks to all of you for being such sweethearts. :)